Will Ferrell asks Roger Federer: 'Are you a vampire?'

Swiss tennis player Roger Federer is not only perhaps the greatest player the game has ever seen, he may also be a member of the undead.

At least, that's what Will Ferrel was wondering when the comedian was interviewing him following his win this week against Aljaz Bedene in the first round of the Australian Open.

After Ferrell asked if Federer is a "silky gazelle" -- a notion the pro dismissed because they get eaten in the end -- the erstwhile Elf pointed out the 36 year-old is "ageless."

So, naturally, Ferrell wondered, "Are you a witch or a vampire?"

Federer dodged, asking Ferrell which one was better to be ("Probably a vampire," he replied), but more importantly: Roger Federer did not deny his status as the damned.

Granted, he would probably need a lot of sunblock on the tennis court if he is a vampire. But, daywalker, anyone?

Watch the exchange here. (via ESPN)