Bigfoot stalks theaters tonight in horror movie Primal Rage

There's something stalking the woods in the new horror movie Primal Rage, and it may or may not be Bigfoot (called "Oh-Mah" here). Regardless, it seems to have a bad attitude whatever it is, and has taken an interest in a young woman on a camping trip with her bae.

Starring Casey Cagliardi and Andrew Joseph Montgomery, the couple Ashley and Max face off against the creature, brush up on Indigenous American monster lore, and align themselves with some gun toting locals along the way. Primal Rage: Bigfoot Reborn premiered last November at Chicago's Cinepocalypse festival (formerly known as the Bruce Campbell’s Horror Film Festival), but it is available for audiences across the nation to check out tonight as part of an in-theaters Fathom Event.

The directorial debut of special effects artist Patrick Magee (Jurassic Park III, Men in Black 3, AVP: Alien vs. Predator), features some excellent creature design, and appears to be more of a slasher-style monster flick -- complete with some creative kills. Over at Modern Horrors, the film was called "essentially Friday the 13th if Jason Voorhees was Sasquatch" with a "satisfying body count and creative kills in ways that you’d never expect from a bigfoot movie."

Check out the trailer below, and if you're up for some squatchin', check out Primal Rage in theaters tonight.

-Aaron Sagers