Exclusive: Grant Wilson introduces 'What The Fetch' channel, unveils new 'Ghost Hunter or Paranormal Investigator' video

What the fetch is Grant Wilson doing? Or, more accurately, What The Fetch is what Grant Wilson is doing.

After his departure from Syfy’s long-running hit show Ghost Hunters in 2012, Wilson has focused on his gaming company Rather Dashing, made more piano music, attended paranormal events and comic cons. But, aside from a guest spot on Paranormal Lockdown, fans haven’t seen much of him on their screens.

Until now.

This past Tuesday Grant Wilson introduced the world to What The Fetch, his new YouTube channel where he plans to introduce audiences to videos covering an array of topics. Beyond the paranormal, Wilson announced he’d be covering nerdy topics, music, the weirdness of the Internet, and more. Basically, anything is up for discussion as long as it makes Wilson — and the viewer — scratch their head, and utter his catchphrase “What the Fetch?”

[Side note: “Fetch” is an 18th century word of English origin for a specific type of apparition, or wraith]

The move to create a YouTube channel to speak directly to his established fanbase is an interesting one for Wilson, as opposed to pursuing another network show. By eschewing the limitations of traditional television, he can avoid the restrictions of a single format series; i.e. he’s still going to cover the paranormal, but won’t be confined by it.

"A lot of people got to know me through my love of the paranormal, and I am so grateful for that," said Wilson. "But there's also so many more things I'm into. With What The Fetch, I am excited to share those interests with the folks who have supported me for years -- and make some new friends as along the way."

As opposed to the Syfy show’s peak where it garnered three million viewers, Wilson can now cast a much wider net for viewers. With more than a billion users, YouTube reports it reaches consumers aged 18-34 and 18-49 better than any cable network. So, he clearly sees the potential in staking a claim in this new “television” landscape.

Already Grant Wilson has dropped an introductory video to the new channel, as well as an update on what he’s been up to since leaving Ghost Hunters.

Now, Paranormal Pop Culture is pleased to exclusively unveil his next video, “Ghost Hunter or Paranormal Investigator.” Embedded below, Wilson explains that even though he was on Ghost Hunters, he may not exactly be one. Check out the video to understand why.

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-Aaron Sagers