All Hail Thy Queen

She's coming! She's coming! Evan Rachel Wood (yes,
THAT Evan Rachel Wood) will make her True Blood debut Aug. 30 as Queen Sophie-Ann.

The mother of all vamps, she outranks any sucker we've met in Louisiana. Her multi-epi arc will for sure bring all kinds of trouble to Bon Temps.

I am incredibly psyched that T
rue Blood is giving us a powerful vampire woman for a change. Don't get me wrong — I heart Pam. She's great for comic relief and a fabulous pair of heels. But her power-wielding is seriously lacking. If Eric drank coffee, she'd be the one making it. And while the recent addition of the super-strong, super-evil Lorena is thrilling fun, makers are a dime a dozen around these parts.

Let's roll out the red carpet for Queen Sophie-Ann. And don't be too quick to judge her from this photo. She may be well-coiffed, sultry and practically dripping in pure white innocence, but methinks she will be the scariest thing we've seen yet.

amy kates


lmi0927 said...

im curious to see why she has blood dripping from her! of course they would leave us hanging!! only 2 episodes left! what are we all gonna do!!!!