Who you gonna call?

I've been finding my things in very odd places lately ... odder than usual. I admit to being the most scatterbrained person ever, so at first I didn't think much of finding my keys snuggled up in a towel in my linen closet. But then I remembered something I saw on TV once, about a "borrower ghost," who would playfully (ghosts are so ebullient, dahling) borrow the personal effects of the people whose home he was haunting. So after a few google searches (no, I'm not interested in earning $5,000 a month working from home as a ghost writer, thankyouverymuch), I hit on Texas Spirits. 

According to their "DOPler Effect," (Disappearing Object Phenomenon), your Casper thieves your stuff, takes it back to his ghostie lair for a few days, then, quietly tiptoeing down your halls, casually puts it back where it should be. 

So it's clear I don't have a DOP as much as early onset Alzheimer's because my things are never where they belong. I'm relieved I ruled that out, but I'm still troubled because more than one of the "16 signs you may have a haunting" applies to what goes down in my crib. As I type, my cat is scaring the crap out of me by eerily staring into my darkened dining room as if he sees something I don't. 

Check out Texas Spirts' go-to ghost signs. Just remember: No matter how hard you try, you can't paraproof your pad. Oh, and before you blame a ghost for that missing Ace of Base CD, hold your breath. That's just someone—or something— seriously looking out for your cool points. — amy kates