Vampires vs. Zombies, you say? I'm listening...

After writing last night about Empire magazine's "Ridiculous Movie Face-Off Titles," I started wondering about other potential showdowns. Naturally zombies and vampires came to mind.

A short trip to revealed that my potential million-dollar idea was already thought up in the movie titled - come on, you can guess it - Vampires Vs. Zombies.

Based on the cover art, it's hard to really tell who the zombie or the vampire is. The zombie is probably the deep-fried guy on the left, but I've never known zombies to have long nails and to rudely point at people. But why a vampire would need a knife really throws me off. Plus, why call it
Vampires Vs. Zombies if you aren't going to feature the two main characters in order on the cover?

Still, this flick most certainly is groundbreaking stuff since it came out way back in 2004, long before vampires or zombies were trending items again. I mean, how can a movie with such an awesome name be anything but genius? Yes, it must be a steaming pile of pure brilliance.

Please, please let me know if you've seen this.

-aaron sagers