Cloverfield director to bring suckage to Swedish vamp film

The LA Times "Hero Complex" blog is reporting that Swedish vampire flick Let The Right One In is going to get the re-make treatment by Cloverfield helmer Matt Reeves.

I liked Cloverfield and enjoyed watching a giant monster movie where the protagonists are the little people that run away and get eaten, not the scientists and military men trying to blow the dang thing up.

That doesn't mean this re-make gets my seal of approval. Let The Right One In is the anti-Twilight. It's about a bullied boy who makes friends with a feminine vamp. The story was sweet despite the great horror-flick kills, and the entire vibe of the film was one of icy isolation due to the Sweden-in-winter setting.

As with any good movie with subtitles, it was inevitable this gem would get Americanized. If Reeves is as big of the original as he claims, he may be a good choice. Still, better directors have been led astray in the remake desert before, and it always starts with the little changes, like calling this version Let Me In.

Do yourself a favor and watch the original, now out on disc.