Capcom’s 'Ghost Trick' an adventure treat

For those of you that dig ghosty paranormal pop culture but are worn out on horror, demonic and frightening fare, you need only wait until 2010 for a change-up. - reporting from the Tokyo Game Show 2009 - has passed along word of Capcom's new Nintendo DS adventure game, Ghost Trick. The concept of the game is you play as a newborn ghost (or is it recently-dead human?) who has to solve puzzles and advance by sending your energy into various objects.  You can only move the blue glowing ball of light that is your "core" a little at a time, so you manipulate items to get to
other items, increase your abilities and achieve your goals.

The graphics appear to be a mix of 2-D character profiles with 3-D field gameplay Wired describes as "built with what seem to be tons of polygons and smooth, fluid animation."

Personally, I'm a big fan of the Capcom brand all the way back to Mega Man and Street Fighter all the way through the zombie-killing action of Dead Rising. It helps that this seems to be introducing a ghost-in-training, no spookshow element to paranormal pop culture, so I'll be in line when this hits in 2010.