Destination Spoof: Emerson Wild Monster Hunter no Josh Gates

Yesterday we interviewed Josh Gates - monster hunter, paranormal investigator and all-around nice guy.

As far as the crypto field goes, Josh has got it all: The respect, the mainstream appeal, the money, the women, the power (OK, so I'm purely speculating on the last two). The point is, he's a smooth operator while Emerson Wild is ... not so much.

Still, Emerson looks like a far better monster hunter than I, and his regular Joe (and regular schmoe) appeal and sense of humor makes me hope he sticks around.

Starring Zack Finfrock, Emerson Wild: Monster Hunter is a new web series about a dude who has the calling to trap the big bad beasties of the para-world, but still has to live with a roommate and pay rent.

So far there is only one episode to the show, but it looks cool and if it continues down this way, it could click as a solid Ghost Busters meets Spider-Man paranormal pop culture entry. Kudos to Tubefilter for writing about it first.

The first installment is below.

-aaron sagers