Paranormal Pop Passion: 'Gabriel'

Each week paranormal romance author Caden Leigh will give her take on love and sex in both mainstream and supernatural entertainment. The Florida-based scribe of The Silver Septagram, published by Captiva Press, always has an opinion on what's hot - or not.

Gabriel (2007)

Synopsis: The war over purgatory has begun. The righteous Angels must defeat the corrupt Fallen, who have turn perdition into their own personal playground. The souls held in the dark limbo are forced to do the Fallen's bidding. So far, all the archangels (known as Arcs) sent to put an end to the ominous dominion have fallen short. Gabriel is mankind's last hope to save netherworld, and he must transform into a human to enter this middleground.

Sensual Gabriel (Andy Whitfield) roams the streets of purgatory, which has become a gritty cityscape, while new emotions, needs and desires twist in his mind. Luckily for the viewer, he has delicious Jade (Samantha Noble) to help him adapt. Jade is the former archangel Amitiel, who has been defeated in battle and  forced to give up her wings. 

Passion Points: I waited patiently for the love scene. The sexual tensions intensified through out the movie between the hero and heroine. Finally, the anticipated scene was delivered. Unfortunately, it was like watching daytime television - under the sheets, a few peek-a-boo scenes, hungry sensuous kissing, but not the rawness I expected. All in all, 'Gabriel' left me tepid and unable to reach a desired boil.