Syfy 'Destination Truth' Live details

When we first reported about the Destination Truth Live St. Patrick's Day investigation, we speculated - a lot.

Now that the site for the DT Live episode/premiere has launched, the speculation is over and it would appear we were sorta right ... and pretty wrong.

We predicted Josh Gates & Co.'s investigation for the legendary banshee, which will take place at the famous Duckett's Grove Castle in Ireland, and begins at 7 p.m. EST, would feature some guest investigators. Such predicted guests were to include Allison Scagliotti from Warehouse 13Amy Bruni from Ghost HuntersMcKenzie Westmore from reality competition Face Off, and Being Human werewolf costar Sam Huntington. It turns out those picks were all incorrect.

However, we were spot-on about guests Barry Fitzgerald, the Irish leader from Ghost Hunters International, his co-lead Kris Williams and former DT teammate (and current Fact or Faked investigator) Jael De Pardo.

So instead of focusing on our flaws and foibles, we will choose to gloat a bit because if para-fiend Meat Loaf thinks two out of three ain't bad, then we think he'd say the same about three out of seven.

UPDATE: As of March 8, Syfy announced Allison Scagliotti will indeed be joining DT Live.