'Being Human' recap: 'Mama Said There'd Be Decades Like These'


“Mama Said There’d Be Decades Like These”
Season 2 - Episode 206

Aidan (Sam Witwer) and Bishop (Mark Pellegrino)
It’s all about family for supernatural beings Sally the ghost, Josh the Werewolf and Aidan the Vampire in this week’s episode of SyFy's Being Human.

All together now – “Hey la, hey la, my Bishop’s back!”

After being killed off last season in a head to head warehouse duel with turned son Aidan, super Vamp Bishop is back in action. Whether he’s a ghost or just a figment of Aidan’s blood-drunk imagination is to be determined, but boy was it great to see the superboss of Boston return and with a bevy of fatherly advice no less. Poor Aidan has fallen off the wagon of vampire sobriety and picked up some nasty old habits. Once a “vegetarian” pseudo-human wannabe attempting to cohabitate with humans and live a normal life, Aidan the brooding Vamp roomie has wandered far from the being human path and is now “drinking live” again. To complicate things even further, Aidan has no idea what to do when approached by prodigal Vampire son Henry who, after almost a decade of hiding and gallivanting about town with the wild Anarchist Vampire orphans, has finally come home to rejoin his family.

Sally ghosty Malik is also confronted with an uncomfortable family reunion when, after a tragic passing, her mother enters the ghostly plane and wants to rekindle their once tenuous relationship. But before Sally can even break out the cookie dough for a much needed mother/daughter heart to heart, she catches mommy Malik in an x-rated energy swapping embrace with their deceased neighbor Jerry and soon discovers that being reunited with her dead daughter wasn’t the only afterlife apparition date on her mother’s agenda. Uncomfortable silences ensue, especially when resident chef roommate Josh has the whole gang over for a family dinner at which only he can eat, of course.

Josh (Sam Huntington) and Cecilia (Olunike Adeliyi)
Not to be overlooked, while Sally is off chasing her mother’s promiscuous ghost about town and Aidan is hallucinating conversations with dead Vampires, Josh is left to deal with the gory aftermath of his wolf girlfriend’s ferocious appetite for revenge. After being approached by a couple of nosy homicide detectives at the hospital, Josh takes matters into his own hands to protect the one he loves. Backed into a corner and facing possible jail time, the doe-eyed wolf roomie makes a deal with the newly turned Vampire Police detective Cecilia to exonerate Nora and her reprehensible crimes in exchange for the whereabouts of the pure blood werewolf twins.

Stay tuned next week as Aidan reverts to his blood-thirsty Vampire ways and tries to rule Boston with the help of deceased dad/boss Bishop, Sally copes with yet more complications of a very active and increasingly dangerous afterlife and Josh tries to convince his insatiable gal pal to stop hunting human meat before one or both of them gets thrown in the slammer.

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