Stanley Hotel announces paranormal house party


The Stanley Hotel is hosting aunique event on March 9 & 10, 2012. Called 2012: Feel the Energy, it promises to deliver an unforgettable weekend filled with a movie premiere, a dance party, lectures and a ghost hunt.

First up on Friday night, the Booth Brothers as seen on Syfy and Chiller - who are responsible for documentary-style films such as Spooked: The Ghosts of Waverly Hills and The Haunted Boy - will unveil their latest film, Children of the Grave 2. They will also be filming the entire event for their new reality series, SPOOKED, to appear on Chiller.

After the movie, DJ Inferno, a well-known club DJ and producer from Las Vegas (aka Billy Tolley of the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures) will be at the turntables for a house party not soon forgotten. Lectures and vendor booths are on the schedule for Saturday.

Speakers will include Chris Dedman, who has appeared on numerous paranormal TV shows, and Shawn Sellers, a spiritual worker and paranormal researcher who has conducted research into the 2012 phenomenon and the legends of the crossroads. A "Spirit Talk," or gallery reading, with Rosemary the Celtic Lady offers the opportunity to possibly connect with your deceased loved ones.

Our Master of Ceremonies for the entire event will be Aaron Sagers, an entertainment journalist, nationally-syndicated columnist (and editor of Paranormal Pop Culture).

To wrap up the exciting weekend, participants will have the chance to do a Ghost Hunt with the guest speakers, including the Booth Brothers and Billy Tolley.