'Being Human' recap: 'Dream Reaper'


“Dream Reaper”
Season 2 – Episode 210

Thanks to Sally Malik’s mental breakdown in this week’s episode of Being Human, our little estranged supernatural trio is finally back under one roof, together again, just like old times…too bad it’s turning night for Josh the werewolf, Aidan the vampire hasn’t eaten in days and the ghost whispering nurse Zoe is about to find out she’s on the menu for dinner if Sally doesn’t wake up soon.
It all began when Sally the ghost started hanging out with the wrong crowd. Well, turns out this Reaper character, which pretty much constitutes the entirety of the wrong crowd, is the one that has been influencing Sally to commit paranormal genocide. Only, the Reaper is not some paranormal being, he is actually an alter ego of Sally Malik herself. Hey, go easy on the girl, Sybil had like 13 split personalities, at least Sally only has two otherwise things could’ve gotten really confusing. After encountering "Reaper Sally" who as Josh points out now resembles the head turning, raspy voiced Linda Blair from the Exorcist, the concerned roommates have no choice but to lock her in a salt force-field while they enlist the help of ghost expert Zoe the nurse. Still reeling after Sally’s vicious attack on the ghost support group, who were shredded by "Reaper Sally," Zoe reluctantly comes to the house to help catatonic Sally exorcise her dangerous alter ego if only to save other ghosts from needless “shredding.”

The real Sally, trapped inside her own mind, is spending her comatose hours in a purple and gray dream world where she lives a perfect life in blissful ignorance as she and the Reaper play house like soon to be married lovebirds. In reality, the Reaper is holding Sally hostage in her own mind but she is unaware that the mauve life with the flowers and cocktail parties is all just a dream.

After Aidan, Josh and Zoe try some preliminary poking to rouse the catatonic Sally, they only manage to anger the temperamental Reaper personality who then puts the entire house on lockdown on the eve of Josh’s turning, essentially trapping a werewolf with an innocent human and a very hungry vampire together in one house. As the situation grows more desperate, Zoe suggests trying a risky technique on the sleeping Sally called a “mind meld,” in which she enters Sally’s thoughts and convinces her to wake up. Short of putting her hand on her head Vulcan Style, Zoe transports her spirit into Sally’s purple love house leaving Aidan and Josh in the real world to sweat out the minutes until the rise of the moon.
Pushed to the edge of sanity and facing imminent dual monster destruction while trapped in a house with no exit only Jean-Paul Sartre could fully appreciate, Aidan and Josh drop their “everything’s cool” facades and duke it out old school by alternately expressing repressed emotions then pushing each other into walls as men are wont to do when getting in touch with their feelings. In the heat of the argument, Josh finally reveals how he feels about Aidan killing humans in the house to which Aidan admits that he is also disappointed and unhappy with his current life choices.

Back in Zoe’s mind melding adventure into Sally’s psyche, the nurse jumps into a lovely little cocktail party where she finds Sally working the room like the hostess with the mostess. Zoe interrupts the party and hounds Sally until the ghosty roommate finally realizes that none of the life with Scott the fake Reaper is real. After much persistence, the ghost whisperer manages to wake Sally and pull her out from under the Reaper’s power.

Once Sally comes to and the danger has passed, all still isn’t champagne and candy kisses in the supernatural house. Josh hastily darts off into the woods to grow some fangs, Aidan staggers upstairs to take a nap after consuming too much werewolf blood and Zoe proclaims that despite helping Sally find herself again she will never forgive her for “shredding” her one true love on the spiritual plane Nick. Without so much as a hug or a good to see ya, Sally is awake in the real world only to find it as bleak and lonely as when she left. Then, in a bit of a twist ending, we see our ghosty lady sit on the couch with the Reaper (surprise!) right next to her and know that this is far from over…

Stay tuned next week as Sally tries to kick a serious bout of schizophrenia, Josh decides whether or not to forgive Aidan for bloodletting on neutral ground and in return, Aidan tries the path of the straight and narrow despite his latest transgressions.

“Don’t Fear the Scott”
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