'Being Human' recap: 'It's My Party and I'll Die If I Want To'

‘It’s My Party and I’ll Die if I Want To’
Season 2 – Episode 213

Aidan the Vampire, Sally the Ghost and Josh the Werewolf are tired of people telling them what to do. In this week’s finale episode of Being Human Season 2, the supernatural roommates have had enough of being kicked around by life and this time, Aidan isn’t the only monster out for blood. Keep in mind, this is a recap article, so avert your eyes if you haven't seen the episode because spoilers abound me hearty!

Aidan (Sam Witwer)
Aidan loves Suren and Suren loves Aidan. But lest we forget, Suren is part of Vampire royalty and subject to the whims of a controlling and often cruel Mother Queen.

It’s a tale as old as time, a powerful princess falls in love with the willful pauper from across the tracks but their relationship is forbidden by her overprotective parents.

Only in this love story, the “overprotective parent” is a ruthless, bloodthirsty Vampire Queen and the pauper isn’t a “pauper” because of his lack of money, but rather his deplorable aversion to vein draining. Aidan tried to elope with the Vamp Princess in last week’s episode, but despite the best hole in the wall hotel that money could buy and security with the Dutch, at the end of the day, Suren returned to Mother in exchange for a stay of execution for Aidan. Enraged that his girlfriend would be forced to live a life imprisoned by her Mother, Aidan devises a plan to kill the Queen to rescue his lady love. But, Momma Vamp catches on quickly and our favorite black eyed, long toothed roomie soon finds himself bloody and beaten kneeling at the feet of Mother and Suren. Then, when Mother prompts her lovesick daughter to kill her boyfriend once and for all, Suren collapses on the floor and professes her undying love for Aidan in a lovely display of care and concern I thought not possible for the undead. Sensing weakness, Mother stakes her only daughter in the heart and orders troublesome beau Aidan to be buried alive in Suren’s old casket…indefinitely.

Sally the Ghost is going crazy, and she knows it. Desperate for a way out of her torturous ghosty, door-less existence she gets the idea in her head to steal a door from some other unsuspecting ghost. Not to mention feeling horrible about shredding Nick, the adorable boyfriend of Nurse Zoe, she is also hell-bent on finding a way to rescue him from limbo which seems to be a fate worse than death…if anyone is to believe what ex-fiance Danny says. However, in a fortunate twist of fate, Sally’s mother shows up and simultaneously so does her mother’s door. Sally considers taking it but then, after rethinking the hell she would be subjecting her mother to, she impulsively shreds herself instead ensuring a one-way ticket to limbo-land with the rest of the ghosties she shredded earlier this season.

Josh (Sam Huntington) hugging his sister (Alison Louder)
Back in Ithaca, everyone is mourning the death of Josh’s ex-fiancĂ© Julia. Hit by a car while running from eclipse turned werewolf Josh, she met her end rather unexpectedly in last week’s episode. Josh, of course, blames himself for her passing. Guilt ridden, he ducks the funeral and drags his feet back to Boston after receiving an urgent message from the hospital about ex-girlfriend Nora. As if things weren’t bad enough in the world of Josh, he finds a scraped up and bruised Nora resting in a hospital bed after her eclipse turn which went predictably horribly wrong. Angry that his fate has now hurt two of the women closest to him, Josh grabs Heggeman’s gun and lures Ray the werewolf to the shed in the woods to kill him, which would free himself and Nora once and for all from the werewolf curse. Back at the house, Aidan had offered to help kill Ray at the shed but when his Vampire roomie is a no show, Josh is left to kill or be killed by his werewolf/turning-father. In a surprising twist, it is Nora not Aidan who comes rushing to Josh’s rescue at the last minute but alas, the outcome is uncertain. As the season finale fades to black, two shots are heard and it is purposefully unclear which of our wolfy brethren will return for season three.

Nora (Kristen Hager)

Stay tuned next season to see if Aidan can dig his way out from six feet under without going mad, whether or not Sally the Ghost can return from limbo without clogging up various radio frequencies and if Josh, our favorite werewolf, can possibly escape getting shot by Nora or Ray. All in all, a great finale by the folks at camp Being Human but boy, it's going to be one hell of a tedious wait til next season.