Walking Dead Escape route for Comic-Con zombie obstacle course

Remember the Walking Dead Escape zombie obstacle course at Comic-Con we told you about a while back - the one that will celebrate issue #100 of the comic? Well, the course at Petco Park will have five zones for those trying to survive (unless you want to register as a Walker or Spectator): Initiation, FEMA Resupply, Herd Highway, Zombie Infestation and Evac Zone. Also, there is a new interactive map at the course website that is definitely worth studying if you want to "climb, crawl, hide and slide their way to safety."

If you haven't registered yet, tickets are in short supply and have increased to $80 for the course, which will be held from July 12-14. But in addition to becoming potential zombie bait, the ticket will get Survivors and Walkers (who will be "infected" by makeup pros) a special edition of Walking Dead #100. Spectators will get a special edition poster.

-Aaron Sagers