'Being Human' recap; 'One is Silver and the Other Pagan'

Erin and Aidan have some bloody good fun. Courtesy Syfy

Here we are at episode seven. We are halfway through the season!

Let's do a quick sum up, shall we?

Josh is no longer a werewolf, but Nora is. They have adopted a degenerate Teen Wolf named Erin. Josh and Nora found a Wicked Witch in a soup kitchen who brought Sally back from Limbo. So Sally is a real live girl once again! She can change clothes and everything. And, gasp, she has a job. She is currently making disgusting googly eyes at her funeral home director boss, Max. And she kind of sold her soul to the witch to save her brother.

I'm sure that won't be a problem, right?

Oh, and Connor and Brynn's dad Liam is sniffing around. He's planted little Erin in the house to spy on, and hopefully kill, Aidan. Did I mention, Aidan got dug up? Well, he did. He's one of the only vampires left around as apparently the flu has proven to be deadly to the undead. Henry is presumably dead as well, after Aidan freed the human girl he was keeping captive as a blood source. But not to fear, Aidan has found Kenny the Bubble Boy who's blood is clean as a whistle. So he's set until Kenny turns 18 and leaves the hospital.

Also, Kenny knows he's a vampire. So there you go, folks! I'm excited to see how Aidan survives the poisoned blood Erin slipped him! And what will Josh do when he finds the mess in the kitchen? Read on, my friends, read on!

As Liam rushes to the house to kill Aidan after Erin poisoned him, he passes Josh returning home. I guess this puts a damper on his fun plans to kill Aidan. Inside, Erin continues to threaten Aidan with her pointy stick. As she gets more stabby, he kicks out and throws her against the wall. At this point, Josh rushes into the house and well, things don't look good. We cut to the hospital, where Erin lies unconscious and apparently not in the best shape. Aidan tries to explain to Josh that Erin must have poisoned his blood supply. At this point, Nora storms down the hall and proceeds to threaten Aidan's existence if Erin doesn't make it. This is not surprising since she has been increasingly antagonistic towards Aidan all season. Josh tries to talk to her, but she wonders who Josh would choose if it came down to it. Right now, Nora, I'd go with Aidan if you don't turn the crazy off soon.

Sally, meanwhile, is making the most of having sold her soul to the Wicked Witch of The Soup Kitchen. She tracks down Bridget and indulges in some crab dip and finds that Bridget is now a Wiccan. She reluctantly agrees to meet Bridget's friends. Speaking of new friends, Kenny's got one too! He's found himself a little red-headed vampire chick named Blake who will turn him when he turns 18, as long as he feeds her until then. Aidan walks in on her popping a vial of blood and is not pleased.

Oh crafty Josh! He called Liam to let him know about Erin. When Liam shows at the hospital, Josh wastes no time in accusing him of putting Erin up to the shenanigans with Aidan. Liam admits to nothing of course, but Josh presses on. He actually looks quite menacing! Yay Josh! Who thinks Josh might get turned all wolfy again?

Meanwhile Aidan runs into Nora's friend Kat and helps with a plumbing issue at her apartment. Get your mind out of the gutter, people! It was actual plumbing, as in water and pipes. Geez. They bond over some history stuff, and then awkwardly say goodbye. I sniff a romance.

Josh's sister Emily was supposed to have lunch with Nora and instead comes to the hospital to visit. She comes bearing Grandma's engagement ring. Apparently Julia gave it to her when she figured out that Josh wasn't coming back to marry her. Really, Josh, I wouldn't do that. I don't think Nora's going to want Julia's hand-me-down. Anyway, they have a nice chat.

Sally joins Bridget in a Wiccan Circle. They are trying to call the dead husband of one of the members. Instead they get a couple of vagrant creepy guy ghosts who like to possess the witch ladies. Sally takes exception to this and makes a spectacle of herself running them off. She tries to explain to Bridget that the ghosts possessing her are not a good thing. She gives her the anti-ghost amulet and tells her to move on. Sally finally understands that she can never have her old life back. Back at home, she starts brushing her hair only to find big chunks of it coming out. On closer inspection, there are bloody chunks of her head actually still attached to these hanks of hair. I'm thinking Sally's natural lifespan just took a nosedive.

After Blake takes a little too much blood from Kenny, Aidan gets a little pissy with her. Kenny looks at him with his sad puppy dog eyes and says he's afraid of Blake. This gets poor Aidan to cave and agree to turn him to save him from being bound to Blake forever. Blake is understandably upset by this and makes some vague threatening remarks which Aidan blows off.

Aww, Josh tells Nora that no matter what, he will always choose her. Looks like we are going to get to test that promise out there Josh. As Josh and Nora are having their sweet moment, Liam slips into Erin's room. He assures her that none of this will have been in vain, and that she will serve the will of the pack. You know what comes next don't you? He picks up her pillow, smothers her with it, and slips back out again. Oh boy, is Nora going to be pissed!

The next episode of Being Human, "Your Body Is a Condemned Wasteland" airs Monday, March 4 at 9 p.m. ET on Syfy.