'Being Human' recap: 'For Those About to Rot'

Sally tells Aidan he has blue fangs. Courtesy Syfy

Last week on Being Human, Aidan didn't die because Liam had Erin poison him with Werewolf Blood. Isn't that called irony? Sally salivated at the pet store and decided she needed to quit live meat cold turkey. And Nora and Josh met a hippie werewolf named Pete, who helped Josh get in touch with his inner wolf. It was a sweet moment.

Hopefully this will help Josh through his mopiness.

Oh. And Aidan told Blake, the red-headed vampire chick, about werewolf blood being the cure for the flu. That will go well, I'm sure. One more thing, Nick appears to have gone full-on zombie and possibly eaten Zoe. Fun was had by all! Well, maybe not Zoe.

Josh is naked in his inner woods and meets his wolf again. The wolf runs away. Again. Josh awakens to Pete asking him how it went. Snort! Josh is irritated at his failure with his wolf again and is quite snippy with Pete, aka Obi Wan the Werewolf. He angrily eats a cookie.

For some reason Aidan wakes shoeless in an alley. He is having another dream about his dead wife, this one about her delivering his stillborn child. Umm. Downer. He wanders home to find Sally sitting alone in the kitchen. It looks like Aidan was sleepwalking. Luckily for us all, Sally has a theory. She postulates that Aidan is sexually backed up and concludes that he needs to "break one off" in Kat. Ewww! Aidan tells her that she was less weird as a ghost than she is as a person. I totally agree, Aidan. Thankfully Sally gets a phone call ... from Zoe!

Props to Zoe, folks! She apparently killed Nick when he attacked her. Well, re-killed Nick. I'm impressed, I didn't think she had it in her. Anyway, Sally rushes over to find Zoe freaking out, and Nick lying on the floor in a pool of blood! Nice. And he's a ghost again, but he totally doesn't blame Zoe for killing him. He even warns her that Sally will eventually try to kill her too. But there is some good news, Nick gets his door. Bye, Nick!

Josh and Pete are trying to talk through Josh's issues. This is going to take a while. Pete promises him if he comes back tonight with a six pack, they will work this out and get him some face time with his wolf.

You haven't forgotten about Nick's corpse on Zoe's floor, have you? Well, even after Zoe kicks Sally out, Sally gets Josh to help bury the body. I wish I had a friend that would help me bury bodies. Over this exciting activity Josh finally gets clued in to Sally and the mouse eating. This in turn leads to Stevie. Hmm, where is good 'ol Stevie anyway?

Ugh. Aidan is having another flashback. This time about a reverend belittling their souls because they can't have a baby. This fades away to his second date with Kat. It's a trip to Boston's Rare Book Archive. She shows him one particular old book, "Days on the Charles." It was printed by Edmund Waite, Aidan's father. He quickly tacks on some "great, great grand" to that. Good save there, bro! And they run into Kat's ex, a professor who preys on younger women. He looks like a complete dweeb. After a bit of macho posturing, the party breaks up and Kat wants some alcohol.

So, the Hunt for Stevie is on. The first stop is his parents house. As Josh and Sally knock on the door they discuss how to talk to Stevie's poor be-grieved mother. Surprise, surprise! Stevie slowly creaks the door open and invites them in. He's probably thinking they can be dinner. Like idiots, they walk into the house. Stevie said he did go to Memphis but ran out of money and couldn't get a job because he looks like a minor. He goes on to say his parents always go to their lake house this time of year, so he is hiding out at their house while they are away. Sally insists that he needs to come home with them.

Kat and Aidan are sitting on her couch drinking wine. She is telling him all about her baggage with the professor guy. Blah, blah. She wanted kids and he didn't and marriage is overrated. She tells Aidan that someday she wants a houseful of kids. OK, this is the point where sane men run away, but we all know that Aidan isn't exactly sane. She does at least acknowledge that this is not appropriate second date conversation material. Aidan then blurts out that he can't have children. Awkward. Can somebody please say worst second date ever.

Oh god, another flashback. This time the scummy reverend comes over and goads Aidan into punching him. His poor Suzanna is mortified. I'm bored, where are the zombies?

So back to the zombies! While Josh is in the bathroom, Sally tries to convince Stevie that he is dangerous. Josh wanders into the kitchen and with his new wolf nose, he sniffs out a human arm in the breadbox. "Stevie" he yells.

Well, since he's caught, he fesses up. He did go to Memphis, but came home when he ran out of money and got scared. He had a nice tearful reunion with his parents, before the whole curse thing killed them. Well, at least he didn't kill them. He stuffed the bodies in the deep freeze and, as the hunger hit, he decided to eat on them a little. Ha! But the arm isn't his dad. He already finished eating his parents, so it's the mailman.

"He killed and ate a United States Postal Worker!" Josh exclaims.

He still refuses to come home with them. He has set up a noose in the garage to kill himself, but he's afraid of what comes after. He begs them to help kill him. Poor Stevie, I actually feel kind of sorry for him. Sally refuses to do it; she thinks there has to be another way. Josh looks unsure and then tells Sally to leave the room. He earnestly tells her that he has to help Stevie -- that he has realized how he fits into the world.

"You have to be able to make impossible choices, not run from them," he says.

He feels that all this is his fault because he brought them all back. He insists and again orders her to leave the room. Sally waits in the living room and Josh soon joins her saying that it's done. When she angrily asks if she's next, he tries to tell her that Stevie was too far gone. They will find some way to save her. About this time, Stevie's ghost materializes behind them, and tries to make amends. He thanks them both, even though Josh can't see him. And lo and behold, his door appears. As he begins to walk through it, Sally suddenly tries to stop him, but it's too late. Stevie is gone. Hmm. Stevie's door had the same seashell on it that Nick's did. Curious.

Thank God, Aidan's date is finally over. Kat incidentally appears to be more than a bit tipsy. Ugh. Making out happens until Aidan gets a little fangy and abruptly leaves. Outside on the sidewalk, he stops and pulls a blood bag out of his backpack. With this liquid insurance, he goes back and sex ensues.

Back at Stevie's place, Josh is cleaning his fingerprints off of the breadbox while Sally explains that ghost's doors are never the same. She then tells Josh that she really wants to eat that arm in the breadbox. After all this fun, Josh is ready for that six pack with Pete. Unbeknownst to him, there are some vamps inside Pete's trailer eating him. As Josh strolls up outside he hears Pete cry out and barges into the trailer. The vamps immediately restrain him and as Pete calls out his name, they realize who he is. They conveniently spill that Josh and Nora are off limits. "That's part of the deal," one exclaims. So they just knock him out and throw him outside while they finish with Pete.

More flashbacks, Suzanna is screaming in labor. Aidan is having a little chat with God. He promises to spend everyday of the rest of his life being a good man if he will let this baby live. It must have worked, because he finally got a live one. He wakes up on the street again, apparently unaware that he looks to have eaten Kat's old professor boyfriend. Way to be a good man there, Aidan.

What do you think here folks? I am seriously pissed about Pete. And I am very sick of Aidan's nappy flashbacks. It's probably the gross sideburns. Ugh. I will never understand why anyone with functional eyeballs ever thought those were attractive.

The next episode of Being Human, "If I Only Had A Raw Brain," airs on March 25 at 9 p.m. ET on Syfy.