Inkling brings art to tech

Attention designers and artists everywhere – check out Inkling, a mobile device that captures a digital likeness of an artist’s work as they draw it. Dreamed into life by the Japanese tech company, Wacom (a household name in the art and design world), this neat little gadget is all about portability, allowing users more freedom to draw first and edit later.

Designed with creative brainstorming in mind, Inkling could potentially be a time saver for those in the business of making art by eliminating the need for a scanning process. The pressure sensitive, digital sketch pen transfers your work from any standard piece of paper directly to your computer using the Inkling Sketch Manager software. Designs can then be exported to applications such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for further editing, and can be layered in digital files while you sketch on paper, providing immediate vector graphics.

Whether it's being used as a pro-tool or just a recording toy for those of us who doodle on the subway, Inkling is a pretty cool little piece of equipment.

-Virginia Fasulo