'Ghost Hunters' and 'Paranormal Witness' sneak peeks

To get you ready for tonight’s new episodes of Syfy’s Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Witness, we’re giving you some creepy good clips to whet your appetites.

Tonight’s episode of GH takes the team to investigate the Hoover Dam and the nearby Boulder City Hospital. Here is a sneak peek of Steve’s end of the night interview where he hears some unexplained sounds.

A bonus scene from the last episode has Tango attempting to play Kick the Can with a ghost. His goal was to bring out the sounds from the day they were alive in order to stir up activity.

In this scene, Amy and Adam think they may be hearing the ballroom piano playing by itself, however, when they go to investigate, they realize the music is coming from somewhere else inside the building.

Paranormal Witness also returns tonight for a terrifying new episode about an embattled Baptist family from Indiana. Based on this preview clip, their lives are in grave danger. Are demons to blame?

The last episode of Paranormal Witness told the tale of a haunted restaurant. Here is a bonus interview from “Dining with the Dead” that will leave you with chills.