The UFO-Man Lands on VICE

A brand new short video up on in their Fringes series tells the tale of a small town man with an out of this world plan. VICE spent an afternoon with this colorful character and the episode is called "The Ambassador." It's quite a trip.

Jody Pendarvis is a resident of Bowman, South Carolina and he is the self-proclaimed UFO-Man. He has built quite the amazing and sturdy UFO Welcome Center too. In addition to being the UFO-Man, he also refers to himself as “The Ambassador” and the Captain of the decoy ship he built. When the aliens (from another planet, not this one) arrive, his status as Captain gives him the ability to communicate with them and it will all be top secret.

The Welcome Center was built in 1994 and since then, he’s run for Mayor thrice and has accumulated seven girlfriends. One he describes as “might be a crackhead” and "one is a hooker." Other than that, two or three are “really great in bed.” We get to meet number four but it’s unclear how she performs in the boudoir. She merely says that she needs to try harder. Her name? No idea.

So, anyway, just check out the video for yourselves and let us know your thoughts on the validity of Jody’s claims. We guarantee you some laughs. There’s no doubt his passion for aliens (and the ladies) is infectious.

-Larissa Mrykalo