'Face Off’ Recap: ‘Swan Song’

Courtesy Syfy

After an amazing fifth season of “Face Off,” Laura Tyler, Roy Wooley and Tate Steinsiek were the last three standing … and deservedly so. This season pitted new talent against seasoned “Face Off” veterans and it didn’t disappoint. Each challenge showcased their talents and wowed the viewers sitting comfortably at home. It’s no wonder that it was recently renewed for a sixth season and will return this January 14 for a bigger, bolder season.

This final challenge obviously took the cake when it came to pressure on the artists. After a rejuvenating video chat with their loved ones, they headed to the lab to get the details of the final challenge. They’re reminded of the use of special effects makeup for stage performances, for example, “Swan Lake.”

Their challenge was to create a maiden as she’s transforming into a swan and the sorcerer who cast the spell on her. The twist was to choose an era and incorporate it into their design. Since this is a big challenge, they got to choose one newcomer and one veteran to assist. They would be using real dancers from the Los Angeles Ballet and they would perform “Swan Lake” in their final makeups.

Here are the teams and their eras: Laura chose Miranda and Eddie and the Italian Renaissance; Roy chose Scott and Frank and the Ming Dynasty; and, Tate chose Alana and Lyma and the Industrial Revolution. They went to work right away on their sketching and design ideas. Roy seemed to struggle the most but eventually came up with a great concept of the sorcerer being an alchemist who gradually transforms the maiden into gold and then a swan.

Lab Work
The teams were allotted four days due to the immense amount of work they had to accomplish. At first, Tate wasn’t too thrilled with some of Lyma’s work but he realized this was huge and he needed to take charge. Tate’s dark and Steampunk-y look concerned Michael Westmore during the walk through and he reminded Tate that this was a ballet and he may not get away with this look this time. Laura had a smooth operation going and appeared confident throughout.

No major drama occurred but Tate did struggle with the Swan’s cowl mold thanks to several holes. He lost a lot of time that he should have used to work on the Sorcerer’s mold and he had to finish it on Application Day. During Last Looks, he seemed really concerned and had a ton of applying and painting to do. Did this cost him?

Reveal and Performance
Seriously, have you even seen such amazing makeups on this show? Even Glenn was awestruck and deemed this the “tightest race to date.” The performance blew me away and the stunning makeups held up quite well. Of course the judges took their closer looks after the performers danced “Swan Lake.”

Roy’s Ming Dynasty pair was gorgeous and looked like they belonged together. The gold palette was striking and he created iconic looks. Tate’s Industrial Revolution pair made asymmetry look amazing and the incorporation of gears was handled beautifully. Laura’s Italian Renaissance duo worked really well from a distance, took a unique approach and Ve called it “marvelous.”

And the Season Five winner of “Face Off” is … Laura. She performed consistently throughout this season and presented skillful and professional-level pieces. Her final two creations were stunning and Glenn called their stage presence, “the highlight of the performance.” Laura takes home $100k, a 2013 Fiat 500 and a VIP trip from Kryolan to one of their 85 locations. She deserves it and we wish her much success in her career, as we do to all the other artists from this season.

Do you agree with the judges selection of Laura as the winner? Will you be watching Season Six? Let us know and join me in January as I recap what is promised to be an “extreme” new season!