'Being Human' Season Four Predictions


Greetings "Being Human" fans! I'm Dawn and I'll be your recapper this season. Melissa will be a tough act to follow but hopefully we'll have some fun along with way with our favorite dysfunctional foursome.

We've got one week to go before the Season 4 premiere on January 13, 9 p.m. on Syfy so let's quickly revisit where our friends are and the fine messes they've gotten themselves into this time.

Sally's dead. Again. Which, while sad, is good because 1) she's no longer attempting eat people and 2) has a killer new outfit for her afterlife. She's readjusting to being a ghost and uses her time wisely for helping rather than whining. Personal growth and all that. Things are peachy-keen until Mother Gothel Donna shows back up to counter Sally's threat of "you don't know what I'm capable of with her own 'Im'ma let you finish but let's go down and visit your death spot'." They disappear to who knows where.

Josh and Nora are trying to enjoy their honeymoon when Liam shows up and I bet that Alaska is looking really good right about now. Because Aidan revealed that werewolf blood cures the vamp flu, the werewolf population has been decimated -- and turned the vamps who used it into mutated freaks. Since he is their friend, it's clearly Josh and Nora's responsibility to clean up the mess. In a way, I feel a bit bad for Liam, trying to rebuild his family and pack but Josh is having none of that, pure blood or no. Unfortunately the pure blood part exerted dominance in his first change since being turned again and he's unable to change back quickly putting Nora in danger. Again.

Aidan has probably had the worst day of the group: he had 'fun' with Kat but then Kenny woke up to a less than glamorous afterlife; Liam shot him, beat the snot out of him, dragged him down to the basement with Kenny and proceeded to continue the beat down. It took four of them to bring Liam down and after all that, Aidan still had to recruit Blake to put the whammy on Kat so she wouldn't remember seeing Sally's rotting body still in the bed. But wait, there's more! Aidan takes Kenny to the woods to end his second life but punts, yelling at him to run instead. Aidan's streak of making terrible decisions continues unabated. To punish himself, he goes for a walk and misses the taxicab pulling up to the sidewalk to discharge a passenger who looks a LOT like his wife Suzanna who was drowned for witchcraft in the 18th century.

But where do we go from here? If you haven't yet, check out the Season 4 sneak peek on SyFy.com.

Go ahead, I'll wait (hums 'Girl From Ipanema')

Season 4 predictions

1) Sally and Donna are linked. While Donna has the upper hand regarding strength, we'll see Sally become dominant in that dynamic as Donna has nothing to fight for and Sally has everything. However, using Donna's power will not go well because let's face it, Sally mucks up pretty much everything she touches and will end up being sent to Vulcan seeing as limbo and purgatory have already been used.

2) Josh will have lingering anger at not having been the one to kill Liam and lift the curse. This will result in his wolf exerting a stronger pull from being repressed. He'll handle it with his usual grace and aplomb and will nearly get Nora killed. (Okay, that is kinda a gimme.) He'll end up taking over what's left of the Boston pack as the heir apparent by the end of the season.

3) Aidan will be haunted by his wife not only in his dreams but also in his flesh which will put a strain on his relationship with Kat. As vampires he banishes tend to show back up again, he'll take Kenny under his wing to give him a normal afterlife which, as most things he does, will fail in a most spectacular fashion.

4) As seen in the previews, Nora will be coaxing Josh back to himself and shacking up with Aidan in a trailer presumably to better help Josh. Her deepening friendship with Aidan will surely go over smashingly well with a newly-turned wolf with apparent anger issues but no worries, the puppies are coming.

Bonus prediction: Aidan's wife Suzanna is back so why not Isaac? His natural son will return to him giving him the strength to finish off Kenny and what appears to be Henry.

Hope you all are ready; it's going to be a one heck of a ride.

What do you think is going to happen? Hit us up in the comments with your predictions.