'Being Human' Recap: 'The Panic Womb'

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Previously on "Being Human:" Josh is going through a mid-wolf crisis that results in him quitting his job, Sally has a new soul to save and Aidan's ex-ish wife Suzanna is going full on Blade in Boston.

Josh and Nora discuss journaling to identify triggers for the wolf when Sally comes in asking for help in identifying the little girl whom she of course has dubbed 'Lil Smokie' but Nora's on her way to work and Josh has many important errands to run, if only he could find his list. Who can Sally turn to now? I know! Zoe.

Aidan and Kat have just done a little wrestling of their own and are engaging in some mattress talk. Everyone's so happy so cue Terrible Awful Thing in 3...2...1...and Kat vamps out. Dammit Aidan. Oh wait, it's just another sex dream but this time Kenny wakes him up. Aidan, I don't want to judge but maybe you should take something for that.

It turns out that Kenny doesn't need an invitation to enter as he was 'born' there. He came to warn Aidan that he's afraid Aidan will be next after the club got hit again. He's trying to protect Aidan. Kenny dear, I think you may have that father/son thing reversed. Not only was Aidan woken from a really great dream, he now has to confess to Josh and Nora that Kenny, in fact, is still alive and can come and go as he pleases. I'm going to go out on a limb here and call that a major trigger alert. It's Aidan's fault that Kenny is how he is and he can't kill his son. Kenny apologizes to Nora who accepts it to Josh's dismay. Nora reminds Josh he turned her and everyone deserves a second (third, fourth) chance. Josh responds in a mature and thoughtful fashion by going for a run.

To the surprise of no one, Zoe is clearly less than thrilled to see Sally again, I mean, Sally shredded her ghostly boyfriend then brought him back as zombie. What's not to love?

On his run, Josh spies a very pregnant woman who is understandably frightened of him. He wouldn't have bothered to stop but he can tell she's a wolf. Well that's certainly good to know. She's more scared of the baby than him as she doesn't know what it is. Human? wolf? Hell, it could be a genie and it wouldn't surprise me.

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Josh talks to lady, Caroline; it turns out she couldn't smell him. Hmm. Could this be a new sub-species of wolf? She and her husband had been battling infertility for over five years when they both were turned. After the first turning, she wanted to end it but then became pregnant. Against all odds, the fetus survived the past three months' turnings. Apparently a werewolf's gestation duration is closer to their canine cousins than human because girlfriend looks like she's about to pop. She's afraid of what she's find if goes to a doctor; maybe try a veterinarian or some other large animal doctor? Nope, okay then, next best thing: Nora.

Aidan being Aidan forgot about the vacation he and Kat were going to take. Kat being Kat takes being blown off pretty well. Did Blake put a little extra something something in the whammy she laid on Kat?

Zoe ends up agreeing to research Lil Smokie for Sally probably to make her go away. Sally explains the Donna/witch/thing/time travel thing and that she saw the girl peddling party snacks for her family that used to live in Sally's house who now live in Brookline. Field trip! This should be incredibly uncomfortable for everyone. Zoe's prepared to ask questions about Beatrice - Lil Smokie- to her presumably still grieving parents when Lil Smokie herself opens the door and calls for her mom - Beatrice.

Aidan goes to Suzanna to tell her he knows she's hunting vampires. Yup, she came back to kill vamps before they kill people but that doesn't have to include Aidan as long as he helps her. Yay blackmail!

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Aidan wants the new vamps to have a chance to prove themselves; they have a right to live after all. A right to live, yes, but not a right to kill which is where she comes in. Suzanna has trained herself to drink only 70 mls of blood a day. Suzanna, you mean well but stuff like this is why people dislike vegans.

Kat tries to plan a vacation with Aidan who is evasive and noncommittal and I'm sorry but I thought she was supposed to be smart. He knows everything about 200 years ago and nothing from the last year. Its a good thing that she trusts him otherwise she'd think he's a sociopath. Well, we already think you're dumb, so it works.

Nora sneaks Caroline, her husband and Josh into the hospital to perform an ultrasound. Everyone's really nervous but everything looks fine...except for the claws. Hubs freaks out and Josh restrains him, going wolf-eyed in the process. Josh, you were supposed to journal your triggers, not seek them out.

Commercials! Kevin Costner has '3 days to kill' but if it's not about wolves or baseball, I'm really not interested.

Zoe tries to talk to grown-up Lil Smokie while Sally jabbers at her on the other side. Guess it was just a flesh wound. Nothing unusual about her childhood, no crimes committed in the area she could remember so they leave. Sally wants to continue but Zoe's out. She held up her end of the bargain when they notice that Lil Smokie Junior is watching them from a third floor window and that seriously creeped me out.

Aidan's going all-in with Kat so he entrusts Nora with the Box of Antiquity which turns out to be his own private Geneaology dot com. He needs her to learn his past by heart to help him with Kat and her questions. Nora's bemused but agrees...on the condition she gets to change his high school nickname to 'Chuggy'.

It turns out that Sally never actually saw the little girl get stabbed but there was a big knife! And it came down! Josh tries to calm her down seeing as Lil Smokie is all grown up but only half-heartedly as he's immersed in his workout. What's not getting done here is his to-do list. Caroline and her husband show up as her water has broken. Josh predictably panics. Ah, there's the Josh we know and love. Fortunately Nora rescues him and they throw together a birthing suite.

Commericals! The only thing Farmer's Only dot com is missing is the booze otherwise it's a country song in 30 seconds.

After Aidan rats Suzanna out to Kenny, he goes to her and tells her that she's got about five minutes to get out of town. Having conflicted loyalties seems to be very exhausting. He's loyal to his Boston brethren but as he loved her once, he wants to help her too. Aidan just wants a real life but Suzanna flatly tells him that it isn't possible and that the best thing he could do for Kat if Aidan truly loves her is to end it. Suzanna, no one wants relationship advice from their ex-wife. Notice though that for all her piousness, she neglects to tell Aidan about the true fate of their son.

Nora helps Caroline get comfortable but she's still in her skirt. That might complicate things a bit. Aidan returns to the house and hearing the cries he wants to help but Sally needs him to talk her down off the proverbial ledge as Zoe accused her of ruining everything she touches. Josh tries to keep Hubs calm by telling him about purebreds: They're charismatic, attractive and nuts. Okay, yeah, I'll buy that. Caroline breezes through transition and it's time to push. Congratulations kids, it's a Grinch!

Commericals! Sly and Ah-nuld versus Liam Neeson? Sorry guys but Qui-Gon gets my vote every time.

New business idea for Josh and Nora: Levison's Mid-Wolfery Services. They joke over the trials of raising a werewolf ("nice knowing you nipples") but seeing a successful were-birth seems to give them an idea....

Back at Beatrice's house; she's looking through a photo album undoubtedly due to Zoe's visit when she comes across the original picture that was reprinted in the newspaper and sees Lil Smokie Junior in upper window.

Aidan goes to talk to Kat. He's going to lay it all on the line because he loves her: he's been lying. He never traveled to the Cape as a child because he hasn't been a kid since the 1760s. She deserves the truth: he has been alive for over 200 years because he is a vampire. And she laughs. Oh, Aidan.

Be sure to tune in for next Monday's episode, "Pack It Up, Pack It In" at 9 ET/9 CT on Syfy, when Aidan now has to convince Kat he's a vampire and dance. Badly.