'Being Human' Recap: 'Ramona the Pest'

Courtesy Syfy

Well. We are certainly not going quietly into this goodnight. Let's do this.

Sally awakes in the pink sacrificial bedroom but then oddly enough hears Josh and Nora arguing through the wall and just....glides out thoroughly disrupting the argument over who has custody of Josh's sanity. Smart girl, she heads to the basement to visit a recovering Aidan and actually shakes him awake. Aidan, don't ask questions, just go with it and ah, crap. It's another sex dream. Freud would have a field day with Aidan, I'm just saying. Alas, Nora walks in on his dream looking for a sledgehammer as one does and finds that as well as the family jewels. Why does one need a sledgehammer? Well, to break through the closet to the secret room of course.

Sally's dad stops by to let them know that they have until Monday to turn in the keys as the house has been sold as he has to get rid of the house. I can't say that I blame him really; both of his kids died there. And it serves to wrap up the housemate story line.

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Aidan starts to pack up the basement and begins by throwing his stuff into bags, getting rid of the past. As Sally always has excellent timing, she chooses then to challenge him on his feelings and yes, there are feelings but he really really sucks at relationships and doesn't want to risk the friendship in a massive disaster as he is wont to do. Good work Aidan, it only took four seasons to achieve this level of personal growth.

Uh oh! Trouble in paradise as Kenny and Astrid are arguing; he loves her and wants them both to leave Boston and get out. She's unsure so he needs Aidan's help who immediately suggests faking Kenny's *final* death so he can vamoose with Astrid BUT he needs back up to convince Astrid. Back up in the form of Josh and Nora. Josh is less than thrilled with the plan as you know, Kenny's a vampire, he's a little flaky, what if he ditches her halfway across the country and maybe the pack is better for her. And because no one has a filter this ticks Aidan off the way Josh is defending a group that trapped him and forced him to create more wolves and they find themselves toeing the supernatural line. This is actually getting nasty and personal and their friendship is balanced on the edge of a knife. Good thing that the inhabitant of the secret room chooses then to make her appearance. Hi guys, my name's Ramona and I need your help.

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Ramona has always been there in the secret room; she's heard them for years and considers them friends. She lived there with her family and her twin sister Beatrice. Someone has a soft spot for Beverly Clearly. What help does she need? Sally immediately offers to find her sister which is great but maybe let the girl get her words out? So Sally and Aidan head off to Hell's ante-room, the DMV, to talk to Beatrice. While waiting, Sally and Aidan discuss their relationship and motives for helping Ramona: there's nothing here for Sally anymore so if she can help Ramona get her door, maybe she'll get her own. Aidan is less than thrilled with this plan as while he's logical, logic goes out the window when the heart is involved and is he really going to let Sally in? Somewhere Spock is weeply quietly while McCoy smugly smugs. Oh, and he's having this conversation with an empty chair because GHOST though he did ensure himself a LOT of personal space there.

While Josh packs up his room, Ramona asks where Nora is but really doesn't care as she wants Josh to stay there with her which is uber-creepy. Nora came by to talk to Astrid about what she should do regarding Kenny. For the record, she's on Team Get the Hell Out Of Boston and doesn't get why he thinks that Astrid staying in the pack environment would be good for her as hello, taser boy. Astrid shows up and is telegraphing uncomfortable guilt all over the place but Nora missed the warning signs. Though I think she got the sign when Astrid drew down on her. Upstairs, Josh hears Nora scream for help but Ramona locks him in to keep him safe. Ramona, do you know anything about Josh? Going nuts with panic, Josh starts to change which will end badly for the rest of the pack coming up the stairs to him with another volunteer. As Mark bravely hides behind the girl who is suddenly having major doubts about this, Wolf-Josh jumps.

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Sally is incapable of shutting up and makes Aidan sound even more crazy than he usually does when they finally get to the counter to talk to Beatrice. They marginally get her attention before she calls security over to get rid of Aidan. They return from their failed mission to find the house covered in blood and torn bodies and a shell-shocked Josh half catatonic in the kitchen with Nora comforting him. Yes Nora, he's incredibly terrifying but damn if he didn't tear apart the wolf pack to keep her safe. Unfortunately, none of the pack was left alive and that includes Astrid. Well Kenny, look at it this way; now there is really nothing left for you in Boston. (Also: called it last week that while adorable, they were doomed as a couple so will give myself a 'base on balls'.) But Josh, this massacre was kind of Ramona's fault seeing as she locked you in the room.... Oh look, it's the full moon so Josh, Nora, and Sally head out to the RV for a safe place to change. Nora runs to the woods and Sally possesses Josh to get inside his head and find the connection to the wolf. At the last possible second she gets in and finds the real Josh lost and alone in a winter woods.

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Josh has been running from his wolf this whole time and chasing him through the woods Sally tries to convince him that he needs to make peace with his wolf and reunite him with the part that's missing. Good luck with that Sally. Aidan brings Kenny to the scene of the carnage and his first thought always is for Astrid. She died standing up to the pack about wanting to leave with Kenny. Or at least that is the story told. Kenny is despondent but they do a helluva job cleaning up the house as there was almost no way they'd get their security deposit back.

Josh continues to run from his wolf until he finally calms down enough to go to his safe place. Which is home. The wolf followed him there because as Sally point out, the wolf is you and you can't outrun him. You have to be honest with him. And finally, Josh listens. And they reconcile having brought balance to his psyche. The next morning when Nora returns from the woods, she's overjoyed to find her Josh back. Meanwhile, Aidan hid Astrid's body in the secret room and bags her up with hefty bags an duct tape as Ramona looks on quasi-disinterestedly.

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The happy couple plus Sally return home to find the house cleaned up and I wonder what Stapp & Sons could do with pet stains. Josh, I think that you owe Aidan an apology here and they both man up. They get their stories straight about what happened to Astrid. Living with a ghost, you would think that they would remember about the coming back, etc. but alas, no one thought to clue Astrid's ghost into the story and she shows up in Kenny's office to say her good-byes...and tell what really happened - that Mark had forced her to threaten Josh and Nora and in response, Josh killed her. That sound you just heard? That was the snapping of Kenny's sanity.

With just two episodes of "Being Human" left, it looks like the vampire-werewolf war they were working so hard to avoid is going to go down in a big big way. Make sure you tune in next Monday at 9 p.m. ET on Syfy for the penultimate episode!