Gamera Reboot Coming in 2015

On the tail of all the recent "Godzilla" news, it appears that a challenger has risen to battle for box office supremacy. August Ragone have reported that multiple Japanese publications, including Newtype the Live, have been sharing news of a "Gamera" reboot since this past February.

According to "Heisei Gamera: Perfection," a 304 page book that chronicles the post-1980s "Gamera" films, the new movie is already in pre-production, with an expected 2015 release. The story takes place in the present day, promising to bring the other giant Kaiju to life with a "surprising new form." Producer Shigenori Takatera is helming the project, onboard with Kadokawa pictures.

Originally released in 1965 to cash in on the success of "Godzilla," it's certainly no surprise that "Gamera" is returning to rampage and destroy once again! Stay tuned for more information, because as the tagline currently states..."something is out there."

-Nowal Massari