Syfy Offers Previews of Monday's 'Bitten,' 'Being Human' and 'Lost Girl'

Monday night's line-up on Syfy brings mayhem and monsters and the network is offering previews and clips of "Bitten," "Being Human" and "Lost Girl." Check out the descriptions and clips below...

"Bitten" 8 p.m. ET
The Pack is under attack again and everyone must put their personal issues aside to survive. Plus: Get ready for a werewolf transformation like none other. Check out a sneak peek below, where the Pack searches for their enemies. Then, re-watch a clip from episode eight, when Elena confronts LeBlanc and Karl in an attempt to save Jeremy.

"Vengeance" – Sneak Peek

"Nobody Puts Elena in the Corner" Clip

"Being Human" 9 p.m. ET
Sally’s actions in changing the past continue to impact everyone. And get ready to see a character from the past return #NOSPOILERS. However, if you really want to know who it is, watch the sneak peek below. Also check out an inside look as Kristin Hager and Meaghan Rath share their thoughts on the ripple effects caused by Sally changing her past.

"Too Far, Fast Forward" – Sneak Peek

"Rewind, Rewind" – Inside "Being Human"

"Lost Girl" 10 p.m. ET
Bo is getting closer to learning all her questions, and Kenzis is determined to uncover what Trick has been hiding. Be prepared to uncover many secrets, including the identity of The Wanderer. Watch this episode’s sneak peek, where Bo is challenged by not one, not two, but seven shape-shifting crows.

"Destiny's Child" - Sneak Peek

-Larissa Mrykalo