'Teen Wolf' Recap: 'Insatiable'

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Chaos, Strife, and Pain

When we last left Beacon Hills, we had two Stiles’, one missing Banshee and a whole pack of crazed wolves. Deaton is now getting uncomfortably intimate with the Twins and Isaac in the shower. Don’t worry, everyone kept their clothes on. Deaton was busily sticking his fingers down their throats to pull out the Nogitsune’s little flies and washing them down the drain. Though I am still unclear as to why this needed to be done in the shower.

Over at the McCall’s house, Scott and his mom are busy trying to figure out if they have the real Stiles’ or the evil impersonation. To this end, Stiles entreats them to bring Noshiko and her demonic smoke ninja friends over to give him the test. It would appear that he isn’t sure just how much of “our” Stiles he really is. Happily, she pronounces him “more you than Nogitsune." I guess that’s the best we're going to get.

Over at the police station, Deputy Parrish is urging Sheriff Stilinski to go home and rest. The Sheriff’s not going to do that, but in the course of the conversation we get a little more information about the mysterious new deputy. It seems that Deputy Parrish left his old station because he felt “drawn” to Beacon Hills. Well, that can’t be good. I still say he is really Peter’s son. The Deputy wanders off and the Sheriff blearily looks around for hs keys until a familiar voice suggests he look in his coffee cup. Stiles and Scott have come over to enlist the Sheriff in the search for Lydia and also for a little family reunion of course. While they brainstorm about what the Nogitsune wants with a Banshee, Stiles is reminded of Meredith. She was the odd girl that was whispering into the broken telephone Stiles’ first morning at Eichen House. The Sheriff takes a trip over to the hospital to talk to her, only when he and Bad Orderly get down to her new room in isolation, she has escaped.

Allison and Isaac find and break into Lydia’s car. After awkwardly determining that Isaac remembers their special night together, and that it was him and not the possessed Isaac, they find a message from Lydia on the window. It reads “Don’t find me.” That seems un-Lydia like. Could it possibly be a trick from the Nogitsune? With no other leads, Allison goes home to fiddle with the scope on her crossbow. This is where Papa Argent eventually finds her. To distract her from her misery, he proclaims her graduated from Hunter school and gifts her with a case of silver ingots. These are meant for the fashioning of one’s very own silver bullets, but she decides it would be more appropriate to make some arrowheads. They share a warm family moment and then he leaves her to her work.

Meredith doesn’t stay missing for long. She shows up in Coach’s class at school just as he begins a rant about the “corrupt institution of healthcare." He just got his first hospital bill from his run in with Evil Stiles’ trap. Meredith is just sitting in a desk mumbling about screaming voices. Kira, being the only one of the Pack who went to school that day, implores Coach not to turn Meredith over to Eichen House. This leads to another shining Coach Moment. Bad Orderly shows up with his taser to fetch Meredith. As he seems rather eager to use the weapon, Coach instead uses it on him. He and Bad Orderly seem to have some lingering bad feelings towards each other, so Coach appears to enjoy the moment quite a lot.

Stiles and Scott quickly take her off to the McCall house, where they find Agent McCall waiting for them. He has chosen this inopportune moment to finally tell his son why he left all those years ago. Stiles and Isaac take Meredith upstairs out of the way while the two talk it out. Basically, Agent McCall was an alcoholic. One night he and Melissa were fighting and Scott got in the middle of it, and ended up falling down the stairs and hitting his head. That would be why he doesn’t remember any of this. That was the last drink dear old Dad ever had. Scott remains unimpressed. Upstairs, Isaac has become frustrated with Meredith’s particular brand of crazy. Stiles eventually stumbles upon the secret. Meredith uses the phone to channel the voices she hears. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, Meredith is also a Banshee. She tells them that Lydia doesn’t want to be found, but they find some other voices to tell them where the Nogitsune is hiding.

While all of this has been going on, Derek and Papa Argent have made nice. Just in time for Derek to save the Twins from an unknown gunman. The Twins were running through the woods when someone starts shooting at them with wolfsbane laced bullets. I presume they were looking for Lydia, though I have no idea why they thought she would be in the woods. Derek has to save them and with Argent’s help, gets them back to the loft. After seeing one of the spent shells, Argent looks alarmed. Unfortunately we don’t get to find out why; Allison calls to tell them they found Lydia. Despite telling her to wait for him, she rushes off to meet the others.

So, where have Lydia and Evil Stiles been? They’ve been hiding in the tunnels below the old Oak Creek Internment Camp. The Nogitsune has been stalking Lydia through the tunnels while the voices scream at her Banshee senses. He tells her that Stiles is dying. (He hasn’t been looking well this episode, a fact that even Isaac has noticed.)The Nogitsune goes on to remind her that all stories about the Trickster spirits have involved them being hungry and he is in fact “insatiable.” He doesn’t want food of course; he wants pain and suffering. When not crying, Lydia taunts him back about how her friends will find her. So, is it just another Trickster trick that keeps telling the Wolf Pack to stay away?

Soon, the Pack arrives at Oak Creek. Before they go in, Stiles reminds them that they have to stop the Nogitsune even if it kills him in the process. No one agrees to this, but they go in anyway. Scott and Stiles head off to search for Lydia, while Allison, Isaac and Kira face off against Noshiko. Yes, Kira’s mother got there before them with her five remaining Oni. Kira tries to stand up to her mother, but Noshiko sends the Oni off to find the Nogitsune. Once again, they have fallen into yet another of the Nogitsune’s traps. This is what he wanted all along. He needed Lydia to tell him when his death was close, so he could break Noshiko’s last kaiken. Breaking the knife doesn’t kill Noshiko as I thought, it gives him control over the Oni who have him surrounded. Suddenly, he and the demonic smoke ninjas are back in the courtyard. The resulting fight is rather one sided.

Below in the tunnels, Scott and Stiles find Lydia who immediately chews them out for doing so. She really had sent the messages. Her Banshee powers had told her that one of her friends would die and she was trying to save them, but they didn’t listen. The three run for the courtyard, but Stiles’ weakened condition makes him fall behind even with Lydia helping him. He finally collapses in the tunnel, while Scott races ahead of them.

Kira is doing most of the work defending the group in the courtyard, but there’s only so much you can do against demon ninjas, you know. Isaac starts losing ground, and the Oni quickly begin slicing him up. Just as one is about to behead him, Allison uses her last arrow and finally hits one of the warriors. He erupts into green flames and disappears. Just as Allison’s face lights up in triumph, one of the remaining Oni runs her through. With a small smile of satisfaction, Evil Stiles walks away and takes his demons with him. Below, in the tunnels the Banshee screams just as Scott gets to the courtyard. He catches Allison as she collapses and tearfully holds her close. Unable to help her, she assures him that it’s okay. In fact it’s perfect, she says. She thinks it’s perfect that she is dying in the arms of her first love. She even tells him that she will always love him. Isaac seems a little perturbed by this statement, but maybe he’s just upset that his girlfriend is dying. As the last words slip out of her she dies. Papa Argent shows up moments later and the scene fades to black as sad music plays.

Dare we believe that Allison Argent is really dead? People in Beacon Hills have a habit of not staying that way. The season finale is next week and we have a lot of ground to cover. Tune in next week to find out if the Wolf Pack can save Stiles, or if yet another member will fall.

The next episode of "Teen Wolf," "The Divine Move," airs Monday, March 24 at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.