'Being Human' Recap: 'There Goes the Neighborhood Part III'

Photos Courtesy Syfy

Oh my holy hell y'all. Here we are, at the end of all things. And a beautiful ending we got to boot.

Sally reminisces about Josh and Aidan first moving into the house and how they all slowly became friends. She flashes back to the present when Aidan is about to snap Josh's neck in his blind rage and freezes them all to buy them some time from Ramona. They need a plan as Aidan is out of his mind and won't stop until Josh is dead, so great is his grief. She steels herself and unbars the door to the basement where she, Nora and Josh were hiding. He makes a beeline for Josh but she uses her super strength to throw him against a wall and knock him out. Nora and Josh put him on the bed and Sally gives Aidan her essence, making him human once again. But her sacrifice means she can't stay on this plane; she loves them all and wants Aidan to have the life he deserves. She then simply fades away.

Upstairs a thwarted Ramona throws a monster tantrum. Looks like someone needs a time-out in the worst way. But her loss of control means the doors are unlocked so they get the hell out of Dodge. Regrouping in Nora's apartment, they try to make sense of where they'll go from here. Maybe Sally will rip her way out of Aidan's chest as that would be a very Sally thing to do but no, she's gone. Aidan felt her go.

You know what perks me up when my life has been turned completely upside down? Cheeseburgers. With chili Sriracha fries and a chocolate milkshake. Which is precisely what they take Aidan to eat, seeing as he hasn't had real food in over 200 years. Slow down Aidan, you'll get heartburn. Too bad this second (third? fourth?) chance is wasted on him as Sally isn't there to share it with him. Aidan declines Nora's offer to stay with them and heads out to the Trailer of Tears where he drinks some beer, howls at the moon and works out some of his grief by showing the lawn chairs who is boss. He wakes up the next morning in the snow because vampires never had to deal with frostbite so this whole being warmblooded thing is new (again) to him but seeing his reflection in the mirror becomes alarmed. Yes Aidan, that is what we normal folks call a '"hangover." Back at spook central, a contractor is there to rehab the house when Ramona appears in her innocent little girl guise. He follows her upstairs because he's dumb and she kills him with a broken mirror to send them a message. Look honey, I know you've been there for 40 years but if my mom can learn to text, you can too. Plus it's much less messy.

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Aidan gets test results from Nora. It's...not good. Apparently not a hangover then. His body is shutting down as it's over 200 years old but at least he's not going zombie. He has maybe a week at this rate. They bring Josh into the loop on next steps as Josh will pursue his dream of becoming Pie Guy. But hey, let's not talk about that, let's talk about their baby! Screech. Whaaa? Nora hadn't told Josh yet and Aidan thought that Josh knew but wasn't saying anything. Aidan knew because of super vamp hearing and smelling, you know, from before. Um, Surprise! How about you guys take a minute? They are ecstatic.

If you are a depressed former vampire and you know it, walk the streets. Aidan visited Sally's grave then meandered through Boston taking in the lights from the Christmas decorations. He ends up in a bar where he hallucinates Sally sitting next to him. To distract himself, he sees a new vamp talking up a woman. He approaches and whoa, don't think you're his type Aidan. The vamp is new and Aidan gets the guy away from the bar almost like he's an AA sponsor of the most twisted kind. But while the guy doesn't want to be a monster, he wants to be human, all Aidan can think of is going back. He wants to be turned again. Oh Aidan.

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Now that the baby is out of the bag, Josh and Nora are figuring out their next steps. As restaurant hours are long and erratic, Josh wants something more stable to be there for the baby. He's scared that he'll hurt the baby or Nora. The massacre in the house still haunts him. He needs to be able to trust himself. He clearly is conflicted because he goes for a drive where he finds Aidan in the alley with Reluctant Vampire getting fed on? Kind of? What the eff are you doing?! He doesn't want to die, vampires don't get doors, they don't get happy endings. He's afraid of dying, of there being nothing there so he saw his chance and took it. Aidan, Sally is going to kick your ass. Josh reassures him that he's not a coward, he's human. The next morning Josh brings bagels to Aidan's Camper of Fun along with a paper where on the front page is a story about the contractor dying in their house. Oh hell no. It's on.

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Holy moly Aidan is looking bad. They drive back to the city to end this. Aidan wants to go solo to protect Nora and Josh and their family. Josh of course is having none of that so Aidan tells him fine, just drop me off I need to get a few things. Josh being still insanely naive at times does just this. Josh, have you met Aidan before? Aidan goes to face Ramona alone. Laboriously Aidan climbs the stairs to the secret room where he finds Ramona. It's over little girl, you lose. He's dying, Sally's gone and Nora, Josh and their baby are moving far away. There's nothing left for her to win. Well, but other people will. Not if you keep killing the workers who are trying to rehab the place they won't. But Ramona will have her victory, it was the monster in Aidan who fed the house and brought her back and a few Hail Mary's aren't going to change anything now.

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What time is it? It's beat-up-Aidan time! Ramona is enjoying the hell out of taunting Aidan interspersed with beating the crap out of him. He stumbles to the edge of the stairs where he goads Ramona into pushing him down...right onto Sally's death spot. Ramona gleefully celebrates but in the midst of her victory dance, Aidan is conscious long enough to flick his Bic and toss it into the puddle of gasoline he spilled on the floor. So that was what was in his bags. The house burns, Ramona burns and Aidan burns. Oh. My. God.

Josh and Nora arrive to find burned out house and to see a body wheeled out on a stretcher. It's completely destroyed. Somehow they are allowed to walk into the wreckage where they understand what Aidan did to free them to live a normal life. Trying to process it all, they are interrupted by Aidan's ghost. It was okay because they won and there was something on the other side for him. He's going to see the world and keep an eye on them when his door appears, albeit with a creepy looking handle. This can't be true but it is. Even with all the wacked out very bad things that had happened, these were still the best few years of his life. They love him and will devote themselves to living a ridiculous life in his honor. The door opens to white light and...Sally. Nora catches a glimpse of them together and she and Josh are relieved that they are reunited for eternity.

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Aidan and Sally are cooking Nora and Josh dinner. The day that they moved in was the best day of
their lives but they didn't know it. Ah, it was a dream as Josh and Nora wake up in the woods both having had the same dream of all four of them together which totally means that Aidan and Sally are dream-living in the clouds, never far away. Oh yeah, maybe it would be a good idea to check on the kids. Hi Sally, how are you baby? Hey, has anyone seen Aidan? Gotcha, Daddy! And oof. My heart.

So that's it. Thanks for following along this season; I've enjoyed recapping this show immensely for you. Four amazing seasons with unforgettable characters. Thank you Meaghan Rath and Sam Witwer. Thank you Sam Huntington and Kristen Hager. Thank you for the gift of Sally and Aidan and Josh and Nora. Four strong, funny, relatable, flawed, real people. People who never stopped trying to do the right thing even when they didn't know what that was, even when they messed up more times than they got it right. You didn't have to try to be human, you already were.