Megan Fox Believes In Bigfoot, Ghosts and 'Everything' Else

Say what you will about Megan Fox, I can't help but like the gal.  Sure, her film choices have been questionable, to say the least, but she has recently come out of the paranormal closet as one of us (ONE OF US!  ONE OF US!).

While promoting her latest film, "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," Fox sat down with MTV News's Josh Horowitz to discuss the the movie when the conversation took a turn for the supernatural.

Horowitz asked Fox to expound on her Bigfoot beliefs, something she first made public back in July to People Magazine. Citing recent scientific discoveries and the perceived  intelligence of the Bigfoot creatures (Bigfeet?) along with their ability to stay out of sight and evade capture as a few of the reasons why we have yet to have any solid proof of their existence. Fox used these reasons as a defense of her beliefs, much to the amusement of Horowitz.

Horowitz then went on the ask Fox if she believed in UFOs, "Yes, a thousand percent." She said, before adding, "I believe in everything."

The most entertaining part of the interview came when Fox's recent ghostly encounter while on vacation in Mexico with her children and nanny was shared. Fox said the evening beforehand she order a breakfast room service to be delivered at 7:30am. When she heard the door open, the sound of plates being set and coffee being poured at 7 a.m. -- a full half hour before the service was to arrive -- she waited until the commotion died down before going to eat. When she went to the dining area of her hotel room, nothing was there. No plates, hot coffee or breakfast of any kind. Her nanny even asked, "Why was room service here at seven?"

Fox believes since both her and her nanny heard the phantom breakfast service being prepared, there can only be one explanation for it: ghosts.

Fox is a good sport during the interview, especially when Horowitz teases her and  tries to offer rational explanations for her to consider regarding her paranormal encounter in Mexico.

Thanks to our friend Alejandro Rojas over at Huffington Post for bringing this fun story to our attention!

You can check out the interview below.

-Roxy Orcutt