'Sleepy Hollow' Recap: 'The Akeda'

Courtesy Fox

It's time for the second half of the mid-season finale. Let's do this.

Time is running short and Abbie and Crane are in a hurry so of course power surges disrupt all electronics. What's a pair of Witnesses to do? Continue on via motorcycle of course to the manor where Katrina was (is) being held captive. There's a model of the town and with dots connected it looks suspiciously like a pentagram as described in Washington's bible. Drink. But is it too late? Well if by 'too late' you mean that your wife has been chained in a fiery pentagram by the Horseman of Death, then yes. Crane is having none of that nonsense though and takes on Headless with Methusela's sword, besting him. With Headless "looking" at the business end of the sword, it's make or break time for Katrina: you gonna stop your husband from killing Abraham or do you need a few more minutes to decide where your loyalties lie?

Headless or not, Abraham doesn't want to die again (still) and stalls with the bomb drop that all magic has a cost and the sword will claim the bearer's soul. Huh. That could be a problem. She'll need time to research the claim. Of course. But in the meantime, lock him up. Y'all remember how well that worked last season, right? Now Katrina,work your 'magic' and gather intelligence. And I just sprained my eyes by rolling them too hard. Shockingly enough, Jenny comes through with the research confirming Abraham's story, relegating Katrina once again to 'trophy-the-boys-are-fighting-over-and-no-one-understands-why.' Let me get this straight: they can't use the sword without killing themselves? How will that help? But what about someone whose soul was already claimed? Could they use it? Yo, Captain Irving: how you feel about a little payback? But more importantly, can Crane and Katrina keep out of the way if it becomes necessary to kill Henry to get to Moloch? Spoiler alert: not so much.

Katrina's 'intelligence gathering' looks a lot like seduction which Crane returns just in time to hear. And you wonder why he doesn't trust your judgement? Can we use Irving to kill Moloch? We can? Great. You stay here and guard Abraham; try not to fall into his pants or anything.

You know, this is totally like the old 'Isaac and Abraham' story except that Isaac was an innocent little boy and Henry is...not. Eh, details. Anyway, Irving left a coded message for Crane about where to find him. Leftenant, you stay with Katrina and Abraham whilst Miss Jenny and I find the Captain. This is sure to be delightful. So, Captain, seeing as you're lacking a soul and all, could you swing this sword and kill the demon? We'd totes owe you one. Now, let's go torture the location of Moloch from the Headless Horseman. Irving is enjoying this way too much but they get what they need and Abraham keeps his head...kind of. We need some more back up. Oh, Hawley! He's less than enthused but when Jenny tells you to bring the weapons, you bring the weapons. They have Katrina the powerfully useless witch enhance the weapons and I'm forced to question whether entrusting her with doing anything more difficult than wearing a corset is wise.

In a long-overdue discussion, Crane and Katrina finally have it out about their relationship. Oh, you mean the one built on lies and deceit; that one? Yeah, Crane is *this close* to being over it and hardcore friend-zones her. Thanks for the weapons Hawley, now, hang with Headless, okay? Just no wild parties and no, you can't sell him.  Moloch blames Henry for Abraham's failure with Katrina and man, Henry is 0-for-life in father figures but call forth the armies of darkness. Geez Moloch, can't you see that Henry is a little lost boy, standing in front of a demon, asking him to love him?! To battle, Witnesses! Abbie takes a round in the shoulder and Katrina uses magic! Wow, there is a god. Irving cuts through the battle like a whirling dervish to go up against the Horseman of War's avatar. He tries to get too fancy and takes a bad wound before running the avatar through. Does this mean Henry dies too? No such luck but dude, you don't look so good. Crane watches in amazement when Irving goes down and yells for Katrina to help. Which she can't because: useless. Dammit, not Irving! Now who's going to take on Moloch?

Abbie claims the sword and the right to go after Moloch. And when I fall, Crane you go next because we are a team and we'll defeat him as a team. Go team! Moloch sends Henry to reclaim the sword but he's weakened and was rejected by Moloch as a son, being told that he's expendable. That will certainly instill loyalty in your minions Moloch. Well done. Abbie and Jenny are disarmed so now it's Crane versus Henry. After all your big talk about needing to kill Henry Crane, can you do it? Will Katrina interfere? Strike me down, I am unarmed and your journey to the dark side will be complete. Sorry, wrong movie. Oh hell, Crane is trying to appeal to Henry's better nature, his humanity, to let them challenge Moloch. Have...have you met Henry before Crane? Pretty sure it was only a few episodes ago that he rejected his humanity to your face.

Ha. Haaaa. Nope. He is 100% E.V.I.L. and you all need to stop pretending he's not as he gets the drop on all of them and marches the group to Moloch. Eh, that's nice. Good boy Henry, now sacrifice your mother now. Crane's all 'no, take me instead!' and Henry, who was rejected one too many times by his adoptive father decrees that any man who sacrifices his child deserves to die. Oh dear, that means you Moloch. Man, demon, it really doesn't matter right now. Bye bye, daddi-o. Man, those angsty midde-aged years are a bitch.

So there we have it: Moloch is gone and Henry is the new big bad. Frank Irving is dead and Henry owns his soul so will this make the good Captain the new Horseman of War or did Irving make the ultimate sacrifice for essentially nothing? Now it becomes even more important to kill Henry but Crane and Katrina are woefully unfit for the task. Hawley and Headless are still hanging out together so it looks like it will be up to the Mills sisters to stay the course. What will come to pass? See you back here in the new year for the second half of season two.