'Face Off' Recap: 'Dressed to Kill'

All photos courtesy Syfy

Nine artists remain and Team Rayce is down to only two. Dun dun dun! Field trip to Whisky a Gogo for their Spotlight Challenge - create a stylish and intelligent horror villain using futuristic fashions that would work in Clive Barker's world. Gee, I hope that no one forgets the 'intelligent' part of the challenge. Let's do this.

Emily - Fallen angel
Jamie - Spiderwebish thing
Julian - Demon locked into an amulet
Kelly - Vain and obsessed with going under her own knife
Ben - Silver tutu
Logan - Snake charmer with immunity to venom
Stephanie - She's got nothing. Neither do I Steph, neither do I.
Darla - Post apocaolpytic demon
Adam - South American Queen Midas

There's a lot of activity but little direction. Maybe Mr. Westmore can save them....maybe not. Ben and Julian end up pleased with their direction, Stephanie breaks down. There's no crying in "Face Off!"

Whose will break? Place your bets. And the winner is...Adam. All hail epoxy resin. Or Kragle. That will work too. Ben's trash talking Julian a bit. Ben needs to go while Kelly goes 'Nature Boy' all over the interview room. Down girl!

Application Day
Kelly's face is a disaster with terrible second skinning and she freaks out. Well, maybe if you spent less time 'Woo!'-ing, you wouldn't have these issues. Anthony talks her off the ledge that maybe this is what will sell it because the character is obsessed with cutting. If Anthony could grab the tools from Jamie's hands and do it himself, he would. Emily's cage contraption is falling so she scraps it for feathers and Ben's behind on painting. Time management people, time management.

Last Looks
Jamie, Ben, and Logan scramble to finish painting and Kelly's nasty mouth is failing her. No, seriously, her entire plan was a nasty mouth. Methinks the haircolor finally bleached her brain.

Reveal Stage
Guest judge tonight is Mark Allen Miller - head of Clive Barker's production studios. And now, my take:
Emily - blue triscuit
Stephanie- Phantom of the Ugly Dress Borg. You will be...accessorized.
Darla - It was gold. Meh.
Adam - 1980s Aerobic Instructor refugee from Whoville
Jamie - Escape from the reptile house
Julian - Snake-Worm Thing
Ben - Space Mannequin
Logan - Bizarro Jason Stratham
Kelly - Christmas hangover

Judges - Jamie's in trouble and they seem to like Emily and Kelly's.

Adam, Logan, Darla

Top Looks
Julian - He did a good job working within Clive Barker's world. They loved the paint job and though not super-creative, was well executed.

Emily - They loved the paint job and silhouette. It's not truly 'Clive' but it's extraordinary.

Kelly - Mark applauds her for marrying sex and violence which, okay, but I'm just not seeing the brilliance of it.

Ben - They like how the fashion is incorporated into the makeup, like a corrupted porcelain doll. I may not like Ben but the back of the head is really cool looking, bathtub notwithstanding.

Stephanie - It was very non-specific; the judges didn't know what they were looking at and she failed to make use of her model's facial features.
Jamie - It ended up being an alien/monster hybrid but not Clive. The makeup was flat and it was a weird mash-up of Klingon and the Borg, with the spider nuances hidden on the back of the head. All in all, a hot mess.



Team Anthony goes down, snapping Team Rayce's three-week losing streak. Anthony and Rayce are down to two artists each so the pressure is on.

Next week come for the swimsuit competition, stay for the make-up in the first annual 'Miss Intergalactic' Pageant on March 10 at 9 p.m. ET only on Syfy. Sashay, shante, y'all.