'The Strain' Recap: 'Identity'

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Eph shaved his head for the worst disguise ever, bailed on New York, and killed his boss. Let's do this.

Okay, so apparently the leader of the charred vamps was 'Vaun' and not Quinlan as Q has arrived and He. Is. Pissed. So pissed that he gives a refrigerated truck filled with shrimp to a homeless guys. Scampi, anyone?

Eph, er, 'Jonathon Crowley' surprises his old friend Rob Bradley in DC to use his contacts to manufacture and spread the counter-infection. So are we going to talk about the blood on your shirt or nah? But first we need to meet my National Guard contact as 'bio-weapon' tends to have hugely negative connotations around here. So, loverboy, what's her name?

Fitzwilliam is introduced to Team Babysitter and no one's really impressed. Zack is still a brat so nothing's changed and Dutch is missing which makes us all happy. Nora, bless her heart, tries to connect with Zack and he actually isn't a complete jerk to her. Personal growth? Meanwhile, Gus needles Angel in the Indian restaurant until he finally confesses that yes, he was the 'Silver Angel'. And what exactly did you hope to accomplish by doing that Gus?

For someone who is a friend, Rob has no issues with bringing a recovering alcoholic to a bar and ordering drinks waiting for his contact who happens to be an attractive blond woman, Lee Thomas. Man, Eph, getting rid of the wig was a good call. So 'Jon,' what's your plan for saving the world? Well, this serum attacks the cerebrospinal fluid, strangling the brainstem. Ooh, sexy. Tell me more! She's all in as the science is sound; he just needs a larger audience. She's too helpful so naturally we suspect her.

Fitzwilliam gives the team the low-down on Palmer's purchases but doesn't know to what end. What good are you then? But his angle? Nothing much, just wants to be a head-muncher. Palmer would do well to remember that like Sauron, The Master doesn't share power. Gus continues to hang out in the restaurant and no one is suspicious whatsoever, least of all the girl's parents who just want her to deliver the food for chrissake which is how we know this is make-believe. It's too dangerous so not one, but two fellas will protect you. It's like the Three Amigos except that the Bad Boy Amigo wants to get in the pants of Ungrateful Daughter Amigo while Old Injured Amigo limps along as a chaperone. Or something. You know who's having a lot more fun? Eph as he's out to dinner with Lee and Rob and Zack who?

You know what makes for great morning pillow talk? Non-disclosure agreements and exclusivity contracts that Eph's balking at signing but 1) Lee did what you asked her do in making the counter-infection serum see the light of day and 2) you're not coming from a place of strength wearing Lee's white satin robe so shut up and sign. Having a slightly more yell-y morning is the real Quinlan who is berating the Ancients for letting The Master get to this point. They fidget agitatedly and why are they so powerful? Twitching puppets are not scary - an angry, vengeful Quinlan who demands carte blanche in stopping The Master? Now that is scary.

Justine is still fragile following the death of her nephew but she seems to have bonded with Nora who is taking care of everyone, including Zack who is slightly less annoying that before. Maybe it's the anti-Eph effect. Anyway, he didn't run off so we'll count it as a win. Palmer and Eichhorst have yet another pissing match over who is more important. Palmer is very demand-y and Eichhorst is having none of it. Seriously dude, tell The Master what a whiny little bitch Palmer's being and let him take care of it. Problem solved. Granted an audience with the CO of the National Guard, Eph makes his pitch and voila! he has a production and distribution facility that is not Stoneheart. Good call there Eph. Glad that both brains are working this morning.

Back in New York Nora and Zack get a ride home in the dark but it was just daytime in Washington so huh? But the dark is when the nasties come out which means that Kelly will be hunting. Why exactly did you not go during the day? Oh, Nora. The feelers attack and they flee into a church for safety. That's not going to work very well Nora but she finds a phone to call Setrakian and company for back-up. They're on the run, keeping Zack away from Kelly until the cavalry arrives, locking Kelly in a storage closet. Jeebus, how big is this church anyway? Well done guys, that bought you about 30 extra seconds. It ends up being just enough for Setrakian, Fet, and Fitzwilliam to enter, guns-ablazing. Feeler One goes down but no one watched their six which means that Feeler Two got Fitzwilliam. Really guys? Aren't we a bit beyond the cliche 'the black person dies first' thing? Ugh. The feelers are down but Kelly escaped and Fitzwilliam is a goner. Thank you for your help, Fitz. He had to do it but please tell my brother I tried. Setrakian will convey your message along with your head.

Eph waits at the bar tossing back whiskey when Lee returns with the news that the company went for it and a full decision will be handed down in 72 hours which is hella quick in any industry. To the future...and white satin robes. Should we wait for Rob to celebrate or nah? You're going to be waiting a long time as Rob's dead on the floor and boy did that put a damper on the playful mood. Next to go down is Lee and then Eph takes a bullet but it's just a flesh wound and ends up shooting the shooter who is a Stoneheart assassin. Sure, the epidemiologist takes on a trained assassin and wins. But Lee dies so it looks like everyone lost now. Sigh, I guess you'll just have to make do with Nora again.

Eichhorst the Arrogant and and Bolivar retire to The Master's lair where Bolivar will witness something extraordinary...like being chosen as the new body of The Master over Eichhorst. Sucks to be you, Tommy though to be fair, you were spared being on the receiving end of the ritual vomiting of the worms. So there's that. And once you get over your sob-fest you'll realize that you are Palmer are on a much more level playing field now. Might want to make him your new BFF seeing as your promotion will not be coming to pass. Ever.

Next week Eph continues to lose it and find a new way to fight a losing battle and we'll hopefully get a bit of real-Quinlan's back story. Join us on FX next Sunday, August 23 at 10 p.m. ET for 'The Born.'