New show seeking ghost hunters to strand in haunted house

A PA producer is on
board with the show.
Courtesy Paramount
We got a hot tip in the ol' electronic mail about a new paranormal show for a major cable network seeking teams willing to be stranded in a haunted house for a week. And they are seeking them immediately to begin shooting Sept. 4 through Oct. 15.

Created by the producer behind Paranormal Activity (presumably Oren Peli) and Ping Pong Productions (the production company behind paranormal series Destination Truth, Finding Bigfoot, Chasing UFOs, The Othersiders and The Supernaturalist), the show is seeking groups of three believers in the paranormal for the haunted week. To be considered, trios must send a photo of the three of you, your names, ages, location, and relation to one another to

The official word is that the show is looking for non-believers, skeptics and believers, but our sources say it's better to have more of a believer approach within the group. In your email, say where you stand. Also, a co-ed group is highly recommended.

Oh, and as an added incentive, the cast gets paid for the show.

-Aaron Sagers