'Being Human' recap: 'Of Mice and Wolfmen'

Sally, meet Micky. Micky, Sally. Courtesy Syfy

After Sally's kitchen raid last episode she serves the boys breakfast in the basement, where Aidan is daydreaming about his human family, and Josh is brooding beside the bed. Aidan takes his "bubble blood" and decides he is going to work. Of course he is covered in sores from the virus, so Sally spots him some of the dead people makeup to make him presentable.

Meanwhile, Josh is trying to reach Nora. She still doesn't know he got scratched by Liam. But since last night was a full moon, Nora wakes up naked in the woods under her rump roast decoy. As she makes her way back to civilization, she comes across an older pudgy naked man singing next to the creek. Ladies and gentleman, meet Pete, the vegetarian werewolf.

Sally continues her deterioration by accidentally pushing her toothbrush through her face whilst brushing. That's going to leave a mark! She also looses a tooth in the process.

This whole being brought back from the dead thing just keeps getting better and better. This however, does not serve to put a damper on her appetite. As she raids the fridge yet again, she spies a mouse caught in a trap. Looking a little kittyesque and glassy eyed, she picks Mr. Mouse up by his tail and lowers him into her mouth, slurping up his tail. Reminds me of Diana in V. Anyway, after this scrumptious feast, all her rotting sores disappear.

Pete, the vegetarian werewolf lives in an RV. He shows Nora as she walks up to the road with him. He incidentally is using Nora's jacket to cover his important bits. Understandably, she doesn't want it back. When she finally makes it home, Josh tells her about what Liam did to Aidan. Perhaps feeling some remorse, she goes to the hospital to see Aidan and thank him for lying to Liam about what really happened to Brynn.

Finally, Nora's being nice to poor Aidan now that he's dying. He doesn't look very healthy, so she takes over his shift and tells him to go home to Sally and Josh. As sad music plays, we cut to the house. Josh is examining his wounds when he suddenly throws the lamp across the room. Aidan is sitting in the window seat thinking of his wife when he sees Blake the vampire outside. Apparently Kenny called and told her Aidan was sick and he wanted to "renegotiate" his terms with her. When Aidan gets pushy with her, she easily throws him against the wall.

Sally is having a nice chat with Zoe about Nick. He's been staring at her and actually bit her, breaking the skin even. Hmm, zombie anyone? Sally goes to have a friendly chat with Nick and spills that she ate a mouse. "Thank God!" he exclaims. Nick feels eating small live animals is a small price to pay to stave off the deterioration. Sally later finds herself window shopping at a pet store. She gets increasingly more predatory as she moves up the food chain, until she finds herself eyeing a small child. She freaks out and runs off.

When Nora comes home, she brings Kat with her. Apparently little Kat was worried about him and Nora thought it would be a good peace offering. Josh proclaims himself unsure about bringing a muggle home, but whatever. Aidan collapses in the middle of this pseudo date night and is put to bed.

Yes! Pete shows up with a crock pot full of chili and homemade blackberry wine. Josh, of course, wonders why Nora has to befriend every stray wolf she finds. But Pete seems like an okay sort of guy. He's not a hater; he had vampire friends killed by the vampire flu. He kindly made some garlic tea for Aidan that seemed to help him rest. He sits at the kitchen table spinning tales about this travels. He tells them how he was bit when he was 14. Now Pete looks late 50s and claims he's only 39. He also named his wolf Gordon. He talks them into trying some meditation to meet their own wolves and make peace with them. Josh closes his eyes and travels to his inner forest, but he doesn't see his wolf. Pete explains to him that his wolf is afraid because Josh has spent so much time trying to kill him, and that it will take time.

Meanwhile, Aidan continues his dreams of his wife. Poor Suzanna fed him and tried to care for him after he was turned into a vampire. As his dream fades away he begins to seizure and cough up blood as Sally and Josh look on hopelessly. What? Aidan wakes up and is feeling pretty good. Josh rushes Nora into the room to see. After some stumbling around, they figure it was the werewolf blood that Aidan has survived twice that helped him to survive the virus.

While this is good news for him, this will be really bad if Liam finds out. Josh proclaims that he will not let Liam get near him, and Nora chimes in too. Aww, feel the warm fuzzies people! They are a family once again! This of course leaves one final thing, Kenny. Aidan gets him to call Blake and setup a meeting. He ultimately has decided that vampires are part of the natural order and tells her that werewolf blood is the cure. But Josh and Nora are off limits. He also naively thinks that no one has to die. Really, Aidan? How old are you again?

Sally tells Aidan about the mouse. Amazingly, she has decided that she will not eat live critters just to stay "alive." She claims to see the slippery slope of needing larger and larger food and she's not going to go there. Hmm. I wonder how long that will last?

Ugh. Aidan lurks outside Kat's classroom and kisses her in the hall when she comes out. Why? Because his dead wife told him not to run away from love after she was gone. Am I the only one who's not feeling this relationship? Meh.

Josh's relationship with his wolf is progressing. He meditates himself into his inner forest again. After flailing around a bit, he finally spies his wolf, and he finds him beautiful. They look at each other for a moment, before the wolf scampers away. I wonder what Josh will name his new friend?

Meanwhile, on the zombie front, Zoe gets home with some groceries and catches Nick in the act of eating a cat. He quickly assures her that everything is okay as he walks toward her, except he's still hungry. Zoe screams.

Stay tuned next week, when we get to see more of Being Human's version of the Zombie Apocalypse! I know I'm excited!

The next episode of Being Human, "For Those About To Rot," airs Monday March 18 at 9 p.m. ET on Syfy.