What does a zombie girl smell like?

If all girls smell like ZeeGee, bring on the Apocalypse
A few weeks back we reported on the new Zombie for Him and Zombie for Her perfumes from Demeter Fragrance Library, and although they provided some fun descriptions of the scents, we needed to take the fragrance for a test ride.

Enter ZeeGee, aka Zombie Girl, a horror-loving burlesque dancer (and friend of Paranormal Pop Culture). This is what she had to say:
Imagine my surprise when I shambled across this article on Paranormal Pop Culture. Honestly, have any of us truly wondered what a zombie actually smells like? Probably not. You can tell by looking at them that they smell less than fresh; they're the living dead! 
The folks at Demeter, however, must have had a few serious conversations about it, because this is now an actual thing. A thing that I absolutely had to have and may have paid rush shipment for. When it arrived, I was definitely nervous. Why do I want to smell like a walker? How is this going to smell? Why do I waste my money on these things?
One tiny spritz went onto my wrist and my first reaction went something like this: "OH GROSS!" The first note of the perfume is mildewey, which shouldn't have surprised me as it's part of the description on the Demeter website. BUT the moldy smell quickly fades and the spicy, earthy notes that you're left with are absolutely delightful.

This cologne is a limited edition, so after May 15 you'll have to get it from eBay or completely miss out. It's relatively inexpensive, $20 for a 1oz. spray bottle (less shipping), so I say stock up now! If you want to blend in when the dead walk the Earth, this is the way to go.