'Teen Wolf' Recap: 'More Bad Than Good'

Courtesy MTV

When last we left the Wolf Pack, Scott and Stiles were stumbling around in the woods. They're still there. While Scott was chasing down Malia the werecoyote, Stiles found her den complete with her old jacket and a baby doll. They call in the elder Stilinski to help with his little job performance issue. Sadly, it backfires as many of their plans do. Scott’s dad, the uber jerk, shows up with Malia’s father. Understandably, the man is upset and upon seeing his daughter’s things, he sets out to destroy this daughter-eating coyote. Ejected from the crime scene, the boys head off to school. Only Stiles took a little souvenir.

At Beacon Hills High, Kira has done some research on bardo for Scott. She is then horribly embarrassed by her father who lets her puppy love for Scott out of the bag. Everyone quickly retreats to their desks. Class has barely begun, when Mr. Yukimura calls Stiles to the front of the classroom to read from the textbook. You do remember that Stiles is having some problems in that department don’t you? He sinks into a major panic attack and Scott hauls him off to the locker room to talk him down.

The bromance does manage to calm Stiles down, but he is left with a deep despair. I don’t like this hopeless sad Stiles. I want snarky Stiles back! Class ends with the pair still missing, so Kira decides to take them their backpacks. Only she runs into a snarling, very pissed off coyote in the hall. She flees into the locker room, where Scott saves her by pushing a bank of lockers over. Luckily they don’t squish our vicious little coyote girl, and she runs away. She barely misses her dad, who shows up in a high school with a gun intent on killing the animal. It doesn't take much to figure out that she was at the school looking for the doll that Stiles took from the wrecked car. This prompts the Wolf Pack to decide that they need to catch her and make her turn back into a person.

The first step in Operation Coyote leads the group to consult Deaton. Being a veterinarian he has some nice drugs. Allison, being an Argent, has a tranquilizer gun. It’s a match made for Beacon Hills. While Allison and Isaac go back to her place to load up the tranqs, Scott has other plans. He thinks he could possibly force Malia to turn back by doing one of his Alpha growls. The major problem being that he doesn’t know how, and he’s afraid to get all wolfy right now. Since Derek has proven difficult to locate (more on that later), they enlist the help of Aidan and Ethan.

When Scott, Stiles, and Lydia show up at the meet, the twins immediately begin to beat the snot out of Scott. It’s for his own good of course. They were trying to get him to find his inner Alpha again. Yeah, it doesn’t work. They just end up beating him to a pulp. Don’t worry, he heals fast. Out of time, the group, minus the twins, heads off to the woods, where Malia’s father has left an impressive number of leg traps. He’s like a murderous Elmer Fudd hunting coyotes instead of rabbits.

As the group prepares for their coyote hunt, they hear a gunshot in the distance. Malia’s father took the doll you see, and Malia snuck into the house to steal it back. Still being a coyote, her father is quite intent on killing her. Her runs off after the fleeing animal, leaving Sheriff Stilinski standing in his kitchen. He was there taking Mr. Tate to task for the traps of course. Well, Scott hops on his dirt bike and goes tearing off in the direction of the shots with Isaac and Allison following on foot. Predictably, they fall behind and then Isaac puts his foot in a trap. It’s quite the predicament. Isaac howls so loudly that it knocks Scott off his bike, but instead of going to help him he continues his pursuit of Malia. Fortunately, Allison and Isaac have an excellent view of Mr. Tate, who is taking aim at his daughter/coyote. And with Isaac’s insistence, Allison finds her aim again and manages to put a tranquilizer dart into the man. This leaves Malia running free with Scott not far behind. He manages to catch up to her at the car wreckage, finally turning into a werewolf during the chase. He drags a big ‘ol howl up out of his gut and that little coyote turns into a very naked teenage girl. She holds her hands up seemingly amazed at their lack of hair. One presumes that the Sheriff is called and the girl gets cleaned up somewhere, a hospital I hope.

Anyway, Sheriff Stilinski then gets to take her home to Mr. Tate. The man doesn't recognize her at first, but then they hug and cry on each other and the world is a shiny happy place again. Stiles is watching from the car and as he leans back smiling he catches a glimpse of the side view mirror. Amazingly, he can read that old “Objects are closer than they appear” warning. It is a happy day in Beacon Hills.

Or maybe it’s not. Deep in the woods, a little sprout of a sapling is springing from the Nemeton’s old stump. A figure reaches down and rips it out, discarding it on the ground. As he walks away, some cute little fireflies emerge from a crack in the stump. Soon a huge swarm of them is flying around. They slowly coalesce into three humanish figures in the dark. Interesting. Very interesting.

Oh, I promised to tell you about Derek didn't I? Well, Derek and Peter are still hanging on that fence being electrocuted. It hasn't stopped Peter from talking though. Peter really has to be one of my favorite bad guys. He’s such a sneaky snarkster, it’s adorable. Well, it turns out their captors are some Spanish speaking bad folk who are looking for a she-wolf. We still don’t know where exactly they are though. It’s entirely possible they could be in Mexico for all I know. With the electroshock therapy not getting them anywhere, a crotchety old lady appears and cuts Peter’s finger off. She’ll ask him nine more times where the she-wolf is. As things are starting to look a little dire for the pair, a knight in shining armor appears.

Actually, it’s the leather clad biker babe that saved Isaac at the beginning of Season 3, but whatever. Of course, I thought that Deucalion had killed her; she does have some impressive claw marks across her throat. It turns out that Deucalion has hired her to find Derek. Go figure, right? Peter and Derek refuse to escape until they get what they came for however. In the end the woman, has to get it for them since it’s in a box made of Rowan wood and filled with Mountain Ash. After digging around for a bit, she pulls out a cylindrical canister with the triskelion symbol on the lid. More interesting stuff to think about until next week!

The next episode of "Teen Wolf," “Galvanize” airs on MTV next Monday, January 20 at 10 p.m. ET.