'Haven' recap: 'Stay'

Courtesy Syfy
I was positive that Haven was finally getting that zombie infestation that's been going around. Instead, we ended up with a socially-conscious trouble, a lot of exposition and a brand new towns-person to get to know. Let's take a look back at this "very special" episode of Haven.

'Fringe' freshener: What to know for Season 5

Fringe, courtesy Fox

If you're new to Fringe, the first thing you need to know for the fifth and final season is that Walter is awesome.

Dr. Walter Bishop (John Noble) is the genius who has both caused the world to end and also saved it many times over. It's questionable whether you will need to know the intricacies of the Alternate Universe for this last season, though. He's also just a little bit crazy, but in an adorable way. Walter had his friend, William Bell, remove part of his brain to keep him from continuing his questionable research into, well, everything. He spent many years in a mental institution before Fringe Division had him released to help with their investigations.

'Paranormal Paparazzi' premieres tonight, 7 p.m. ET/PT

Paranormal Paparazzi team, from left: Warren, Fine, Sagers
Gruenwald, Alexandria, Wellington

The big day we've been building up to has arrived: The premiere of Paranormal Paparazzi on the Travel Channel at 7 p.m. ET/PT. The show is an entertainment news show executive produced by Ghost Adventures' Zak Bagans, and hosted/co-executive produced by yours truly of Paranormal Pop Culture.

I've been a journalist within the mainstream arena for a long time, long before I launched ParanormalPopCulture.com in 2009 to talk about all things within the "entertainment of the unexplained." I feel confident that I did the good work of a journalist earning his stripes, but this website has been a chance to geek out about ghosts, aliens, monsters, zombies and more within movies, TV shows, books, comics, video games, etc. I never wanted to tell people what to believe or not, but have endeavored to celebrate the entertainment of it all, in fiction and even perhaps in real life. My work here has led to me speaking to my fellow nerds at Comic-Con and other events.

But that work has only been successful due to the support of new friends who read and tweet my stuff (many of whom I've never even been able to meet), and old friends and family. So thank you, deeply, for that.

As for people who I have met, I first spoke to Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes back in 2004 (I think) when Ghost Hunters was first debuting on Syfy (then the Sci-Fi Channel). Before the show was the hit it is now, they were a couple cool dudes who gave a great interview to this reporter and hung out to chat at length about all the crazy paranormal stuff out there. Over the years, I've befriended a lot of members of the TAPS crew and it has been a joy watching their success and joining them for events. Amy Bruni will forever be my wine bud, Dave Tango my fellow Houdini nerd, Britt Griffith my inappropriate humor equal. Kris Williams has simply been a best friend and supporter.

Although he seemed pretty scary when I initially met him, Dave Schrader of Darkness Radio truly brought me into the fold when he invited me as a reporter to his Eastern State Penitentiary event in 2007 (a location I still love and visit frequently). He has since become a close friend, exceptional event organizer and my fellow convention nerd. Without Dave, I wouldn't have met John Zaffis, who took me under his wing at the Fort Mifflin event in Philadelphia, Pa., where I "debuted" the Paranormal Pop Culture name in 2009. Zaffis in turn introduced me to Chip Coffey, a trusted confidant and a man with a wicked (and filthy) sense of humor. There are so many more friends to thank that have never wavered in there support, like Stacey Jones, April Edwards, Rev. Tim Shaw, Callea Sherrill, and Maria and Jamie at Siren boutique.

I am equally indebted to the gifted, constantly patient contributors of Paranormal Pop Culture. Amy Kates, Erin Lilley, Larissa Mrykalo, Alli Salzman, Sarah LaBrie, Gracie Oliver, Karl Pfeiffer, Jen Danczak, Denise Purvis, Mandy Poole, Melissa Harkness, Andrew Peters and my roadtrip partner Dr. Spectre: You guys manage to keep this site alive.

Now today, as we lead up to the premiere, I'm thinking about a year ago when Zak Bagans gave me a call saying he wanted to put this thing together and he thought I'd be a good dude to join him. I've known Zak a couple years now, and have always been enjoyed watching him do his thing. When I first saw the Ghost Adventures documentary a few years back, I knew that it was primed to be a major success within this paranormal pop culture genre. So to have his vote of confidence is awesome.

Although the idea of me writing about paranormal pop culture is one thing, but I didn't know if I had the chops to own the cameras like Zak can. Luckily, I don't have to; along for the ride are an incredibly cool group of reporters on Paranormal Paparazzi that include Julie Alexandria, Rachel Fine, Scott Gruenwald, Sona Oganesyan, Joshua P. Warren and Branden Wellington - and the entire Dread Central crew. In the amount of time I've been working with them, I've become impressed by their work and grateful for their friendship. They also dealt with a lot of smart-ass comments and skeptical looks from me, so they get bonus points for that.

Our showrunner/co-executive producer Mike Maddocks also deserves enormous credit for assembling a show out of ideas and excitement. He and Andrew Gottlieb had to listen to me yammer on - on a daily basis - about theories, legends, trivia, journalistic integrity and zombies ... lots and lots about zombies.

The great people at the Travel Channel and our My Tupelo Entertainment production team have had no shortage of support for this little thing. Liza Suh, Kristen Pietropoli, Chris Mawson, Jerry Calimeri were also among our production crew who became friendly faces on long days.

There are, finally, many loved ones who put up a lot of s#!+ from me over the years who I wish to thank. You know who you are. Many, many thanks for the love, and for not killing me.

Nobody knows what is next on the horizon. Hopefully there will be further seasons of Paranormal Paparazzi, and other endeavors as a result. Whatever happens, Paranormal Pop Culture will remain, and we'll keep plugging away over here as long as there is unexplained entertainment to explore. Join us for the adventure!

Ke$ha has haunted hookup with ghost

Courtesy RCA
Although you might expect one who is so fond of glitter to hook up with a member of the Cullen clan, Ke$ha reveals instead it was a ghost she got freaky with.

In an interview with On Air With Ryan Seacrest about her upcoming sophomore album Warrior and the single "Die Young" (embedded below), the pop singer tells the mighty Seacrest her song "Supernatural" was inspired by her haunted hookup.

"It's about experiences with the supernatural ... but in a sexy way." She laughs and continues, "Well, I don't know his name! He was a ghost. It was just like ... I had a couple experiences with the supernatural. I'm very open to it."

She also adds her song "Past Lives" is, not surprisingly, about her own past-life experiences:

"I got hypnotized and went into a past life experience. It was incredibly emotional and was one of the most insane things I've ever experienced ... I've had a few different experiences where I recognize people. I feel like I know them just by looking at them in the eyes for the first time."

Actually, this isn't the first time she's chatted about the paranormal. In 2010, she told WENN she was reluctant to buy a house in case it was haunted.

"I'm kind of living nowhere right now … I don't have a house, but I'm looking for one. I just want to make sure it's not haunted … Almost every night I have some psycho dream of the same ghost, either in my face, strangling me, smacking me, shoving me, or just hanging out."

She then added, however, that she has spent a fair amount of time seeking out locations for her own ghostly encounters:

"I recently drove across the country, staying only in haunted hotels, and I stayed in a haunted whorehouse in San Antonio, and that was the first time I actually got haunted on (sic). One of the reasons I moved out of my house in the Canyon was I knew it was haunted. I was right next door to the Jim Morrison house, and I was kind of drawn to the energy there."

-Aaron Sagers

Zombie strippers return to Chicago's Admiral Theatre

Courtesy Admiral Theatre
The Admiral Theatre continues to show guts (and pretty much everything else) with its annual Stripping Dead zombie stripper celebration.

After "Night of the Stripping Dead," "Return of the Stripping Dead" and "Rise of the Stripping Dead," the landmark gentleman's club is unveiling "Bride of the Stripping Dead." A fan-favorite for zombie lovers in the Midwest, the event takes place Oct. 18-19 and includes a zombie costume contest, and offers a chance to win prizes at the "Wheel of Misfortune." This year the stars of the show are performers Voltair, Sin Fisted, Maya Sinstress and more.

OK, so yeah, this is an adult club and there will be nekkidness involved. But the Admiral was built as a vaudeville theatre in 1928, and that classic spirit of off-the-wall entertainment exists with the incredibly popular Stripping Dead events even if you're not particularly interest in checking out the boobies. Check out the video and pics at the safe-for-work site.

If you're interested in going, get tickets; the weekend sells out fast.

And just a tip for Admiral organizers: After this year's "Bride," next year should be a brunch-themed "Dawn" event. Just a thought.

-Aaron Sagers

Winchester House launches haunted 'Fright Nights'

Courtesy Winchester Mystery House
The Halloween season is upon us and with it comes some fabulous haunted attractions around the country. Joining locations such as Eastern State Penitentiary on the list of "haunted attractions that may actually be haunted," is the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, CA. For the second year, the Winchester House will be offering its "Fright Nights" attraction through October and opens tonight, Sept. 28.

The featured attraction, "Curse of Sarah Winchester Maze," traps visitors in a maze of cornfields, graveyards and ultimately ends with them stumbling into Sarah Winchester conducting one of her renown seances. It is reported that the real Sarah Winchester was told she was cursed by the souls of those who had been killed by the Winchester rifle, which was her family legacy. To avoid the curse, Sarah built her maze-like home continuously until her death.

Those who are brave enough can tour Sarah’s Winchesters "Mystery House" on their own, with just their wits and a souvenir flashlight to guide the way. The home, which consists of a maze of rooms, corridors, and stairways, has been reported to be haunted, and was recently named #2 as "World’s Most Haunted Places" by the Travel Channel. Some of those who have investigated the house include Syfy’s Ghost Hunters, and the Most Haunted crew from Travel Channel.

If you think you have what it takes to face the ghosts that may haunt the Winchester Mystery House, you can find more information on their website at www.winchestermysteryhouse.com.

- Alli Salzman

Paranormal Pop Comics Sept. 26


It is a survival of the supernatural fittest this week as Pearl the Lady Vampire goes rogue into the desert, Ozymandias meets his mental match at a cocktail party and Sara Pezzini figures out mid-flight whether or not she can work her Witchblade wings in this week’s Paranormal Pop Comic rundown:

American Vampire #31 – Pick of the week!
Written by Scott Snyder; Art and Cover Art by Rafael Albuquerque

Still reeling from her scandalous Skinner Sweet indiscretion, Pearl tries to make it up to her dying mortal husband with a few tender kisses and an adorable scrap book. But, the attempt at a reunion between the two lovers is quickly interrupted when new intel is discovered about movement from the enemy's cult of no good, very bad Vampires. As Skinner is about to drive off into the night to knock another name off the blacklist, Pearl pleads with him to wait for her to which he retorts with a vicious tongue lashing even Tina Turner would admit was a bit harsh. Determined to stop Boch for good on her own, Pearl goes back to the drawing board and finds a new clue that leads her to a creepy prop lot out in the middle of the desert. I guess even Tinseltown needs a spot to store its tinsel, too bad it’s being occupied by a bunch of blood sucking Vamps.

'Face Off' recap: 'Dishonorable Proportions'

Laura works on her Weeper, courtesy Syfy

Only seven talented contestants remained for a cool new challenge on Syfy's Face Off. It involved having them create a distorted and exaggerated character based on the eagerly anticipated and soon-to-be-released (Oct. 9th) action-adventure video game Dishonored. Jason's elimination last week shocked Roy who thought Rod would be eliminated since he didn't listen to direction. Does Rod step up his game tonight to protect himself?

Foundation challenge

Tonight's immunity challenge involved doing an avant garde beauty make-up on one of seven models clad in a very unusual dress. They were given two hours to complete the make-up, which needed to complement the dress. Guest judge was Make-Up Forever's head artist, Lijha Stewart.

Essential 'Supernatural' guide just in time for season eight premiere

Courtesy Insight Editions
Publisher Insight Editions will be unveiling The Essential Supernatural: On the Road with Sam and Dean Winchester, an ultimate visual guide for the series timed to arrive for the Supernatural season eight premiere, Oct. 3, 9 p.m. on The CW.

According to the press release, The Essential Supernatural will be a 192-page companion to the series written by Nicholas Knight, with a foreward by series creator Eric Kripke. It will retail for $50.

Here's what the rest of the release said:

'Revolution' revealed: episode two

The journey through a world without power continued on last night's Revolution. After the long-awaited pilot finally aired last week, were you satisfied with how the NBC drama matched the hype? The show's creators and actors weigh in on where they find themselves two episodes in, and shed some light on life in the permanent blackout.

Alcide beware: Werewolf hunting weekend emerges in England

Lon Chaney, Jr. as The Wolf Man
Courtesy Universal
Sure, zombies creep us out. But there are also a lot of runs, obstacle courses and boot camps designed to help us deal with that threat. Heck, just pick up Max Brook's Zombie Survival Guide, and keep an eye on the Zombie Research Society and CDC websites, and you'll be on your way to having loads of knowledge about the undead.

But how about an impending werewolf threat? We get so caught up with the walking dead that we completely forget about the beasts who thrive in moonlight. Do you want to be prepared to battle these cursed creatures? Or maybe you're just particularly annoyed with Team Jacob, Team Alcide and Team Lon Chaney, Jr.?

Enter the forward-thinking folks at Chillisauce who have crafted an overnight Werewolf Hunting Experience that puts you in the midst of a chase with the supernatural predator.

The adventure begins with the info that farmers near the Birmingham countryside have reported "unusual losses of livestock, and missing person reports are flooding the local papers." Also, there were rumors of a special ops team that disappeared in the are two years ago, with only a mangled corpse left behind. So your mission is simple: Take on the werewolf - on his own turf, and try to outwit this fierce, cunning, intelligent predator.

Once the aspiring werewolf hunter arrives, they will be assigned accommodations in military-style bunks, receive a light dinner, and get suited up (and werewolf hunting takes place rain or shine, but you'll get waterproof gear if it's wet). From there, you'll receive a crash course in basic military and weapons training, and will learn how to lay explosive booby traps using pressure pads and trip wires. The mission then begins, and those that survive the initial assaults will have to defend their fortified position from a pack of attacking wolves.

The upside is, if you make it back to camp alive, you can chill out with grub, drinks and a movie after all that running, crawling and killing.

What do you think, are you ready to take out some werewolves?

-Aaron Sagers

Red Cross, 'Walking Dead' zombify celebs for bloody cause

Zombie Peter Jackson, courtesy AMC
First they helped create a zombie presidential candidate, and now AMC/Walking Dead has partnered with the American Red Cross and are applying their brains to blood - as in encouraging the living to donate blood by zombifying celebs.

Because blood supplies are incredibly crucial during disasters (including a zombie apocalypse), the "Use Your Brains, Give Blood" campaign has given the undead treatment to some famous faces like Peter Jackson, Jimmy Smits, Mena Suvari and more with the help of makeup effects guru Greg Nicotero. OK, so it looks like Nicotero gave the celebs a Photoshop undead treatment, but this is still pretty cool.

-Aaron Sagers

Zak Bagans shows the dead can dance with 'NecroFusion' album

Bagans, Courtesy ZakBagans.com
When he's not adventuring for ghosts, Zak Bagans is chilling out in his dungeon watching vampire flicks and doing nothing, right? So wrong. The co-creator and lead investigator of Travel Channel's popular Ghost Adventures is also and host/executive producer Paranormal Challenge and exec-producer of the upcoming Paranormal Paparazzi (premiering Friday, Sept. 28, 7pm and hosted by our own Aaron Sagers) - both on Travel Channel. He also wrote the bestselling memoir Dark World and recently launched the clothing line called Dungeon Wear.

So, now can Bagans kick back and relax? Nope. If you follow him on Twitter , you know how much he loves, and is influenced by, music. So it is natural that Zak has teamed up with Praga Khan of Lords of Acid (a band Zak has been a fan of since high school) to create an innovative new album called NecroFusion.

Since "necro-" is the prefix for death, what could this Oct. 23 release possibly be about?

'Haven' hails to the King - Stephen King

The Haven writers continued to have a lot of fun playing in the Stephen King universe with last Saturday's third season premiere, titled '301.' And why shouldn't they enjoy it since the Syfy show is loosely connected to the author's crime noir book The Colorado Kid (published by our friends at Hard Case Crime)? Well, instead of letting those references slip by all but the biggest King fans, the network has compiled the shout-outs in the video embedded below as they have for previous episodes.

-Aaron Sagers

'Vamps' trailer promises 'Clueless' for vampires

Ritter, courtesy KrystenRitter.org
Vamps was supposed to be released in 2011, but the delay seems worth it as the girly-vampire flick directed by Amy Heckerling (Clueless) and starring Alicia Silverstone and Krysten Ritter gets the trailer treatment. Hitting theaters Nov. 2 (with a Nov. 13 DVD release) - just days before Breaking Dawn's's Nov. 16 premiere - the film focuses on Silverstone and Ritter's character living the undead life in NYC with a tight-knit vamp community when Ritter falls for the son of a vampire hunter. Also starring Justin Kirk (Animal Practice, Weeds), Dan Stevens (Downtown Abbey), Richard Lewis, Malcolm McDowell, Sigourney Weaver and Wallace Shawn (Vizzini!), the movie looks incredibly campy in the same infectious way that Clueless was. It is also Heckerling's return to film directing after a five year absence.

How do you think Vamps looks? Is this the kind of answer to Twilight you were looking for or is this just a little too late?

NYC's Blood Manor offers new screams this Halloween

For paranormal lovers, October is the most wonderful time of the year. Ghosts and goblins, and of course, zombies, prevail - and it's pure awesome! Haunted attractions are opening around the country with some more ghastly and famous than others. Namely, New York City's premiere attraction, Blood Manor.

For the past seven Halloween seasons, Blood Manor has satisfied hard-core horror fans and scared the crap out of unsuspecting victims who didn't know what there were in for. This year, eight new experiences have been added to the 5,000-square foot attraction, including: the "Fog of death," "Vestibule of the Undead, "Rue Morgue," "Frozen Alive" "Steampunk" and the "Banquet of Torture."

If that isn't enough to entice you, for one special night on Oct. 7, they're adding a new zombie - lead guitarist of the band God Forbid - Doc Coyle! So in addition to the vampires, werewolves and other ghouls, a rock star could chase you through the ruthless labyrinths. Can you handle it? Blood Manor opens on Oct. 5 and is open every day except Wednesday through Halloween.

For more details and ticket info, check out their web site www.bloodmanor.com

Do you have a favorite Halloween attraction? Let us know and we might feature it here! If you check out Blood Manor, please let us know what you thought.

-Larissa Mrykalo

Danai Gurira talks about getting sharp for 'Walking Dead'

Today AMC released an interview with Danai Gurira, who plays fan-favorite character Michonne on season three of The Walking Dead.

Gurira talks about her kick-ass katanas, and she talks about the month of training she underwent to learn how to wield the weapons - and wield them, she shall. Perhaps giving Norman Reedus' Daryl a run for his money on the cool scale, Gurira is going to hack and slash through a lot of zombies (and a few living humans?) this season.

The season three premiere is Oct. 14, but in the meantime, check out the video after the jump...

'Haven' recap: '301'

Read all about Haven happenings in the Herald.
Courtesy Syfy

The hit Syfy series Haven returned Friday night, and picked up exactly where we left off last season. FBI Agent-turned-small town cop Audrey Parker is missing, and her partner (and now, sort-of boyfriend) Nathan, has loveable ne'er-do-well, Duke, at gunpoint aboard Duke's boat.

New 'Frankenweenie' clips unearth more of Tim Burton's stop-motion plot

Courtesy Disney
Three new Frankenweenie clips were released today that give more of a glimpse into the world of Tim Burton's new stop-motion animated movie. When young Victor decides to resurrect his dead pooch after picking up an idea from his Vincent Price-esque science teacher (voiced by Martin Landau), things get out of control when his other classmates want in on the resurrection action. Soon the town is crawling with monsters made of undead pets, and it's up to Victor to solve the problem.

Frankenweenie hits theaters Oct. 5. One of clips is after the jump...

Red-band 'Sinister' trailer promises excellent disturbances

I've been hearing really, really good (read: messed up, scary) things about Sinister enough that I cannot wait to see it. Starring Ethan Hawke and directed by Scott Derrickson (who wrote The Exorcism of Emily Rose), Sinister follows true-crime novelist Ellison (Hawke) as he researches the story behind a home movies found in his new home, which had previously belonged to a family who was murdered. Based on the trailer, Ellison may have stumbled onto a pagan demon who lives within images - such as in found-footage movies - and inhabits children by entering through them. Sinister debuted at South By Southwest last March to largely positive reviews, and will open wide on Oct. 5.

Check out the new red-band trailer and prepare to feel a little creeped out afterwards.

-Aaron Sagers

Paranormal Profile: Rachel Fine

Rachel Fine and 'Paranormal Paparazzi'
host Aaron Sagers. Property of
Editor's Note: In an effort to get to know some of the recognized and respected people within Paranormal Pop Culture, we're launching the frequent column "Paranormal Profile," which allows these folks the opportunity to introduce themselves to you, in their own words.

This week we'll introduce you to Rachel Fine, one of the reporters on Travel Channel's Paranormal Paparazzi - premiering Sept. 28, 7 p.m.

Rachel Fine's time to shine

When Aaron Sagers asked me to introduce myself to you guys, I wasn’t sure where to start. I have, like, a million jobs. If you’re a Stern fan, you probably know me as the host of  "Fine Time” on HowardTV. If you’re a music fan, particularly in the genre of down-tempo neo-soul and trip-hop blends, you may have heard my album. If you’re an avid reader of The Huffington Post, perhaps you read my articles on wedding preparation disasters. And if you speak German, maybe you can tell me what the heck this says.

Here’s the point: I need a nap. But if there’s one thing to wake up for, it’s exploring the paranormal.

Big troubles in little 'Haven': Emily Rose, Eric Balfour, Lucas Bryant on season three

From left: Balfour, Rose, Bryant. Courtesy Syfy

After nearly a year since new episodes aired, it's time to return to Haven. But don't let the name of the fictional town from the Syfy supernatural series fool you, there are more troubles than ever in store for season three, which begins tonight, Sept. 21 at 10 p.m.

Based loosely on Stephen King's novella, The Colorado Kid, the series focuses on FBI Agent Audrey Parker (Emily Rose) as she discovers the idyllic small town she's stumbled into is plagued by "troubles," various super-powered afflictions with often deadly, or at the very least, dangerous effects. Adding to the mystery, Audrey finds that this may not be the first time - or even the first lifetime - she's visited Haven. Aiding Audrey's investigation, for the most part, are Nathan Wuornos (Lucas Bryant), the chief of police, and Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour), an ethically-challenged boatrunner.

After debuting July 2010, the show saw a five percent rise in viewership over the second season and became a hit for the network. Both seasons are now available on DVD/Blu-ray, and the third season of the mythology-driven show marks a new chapter of Haven as the summer series moves to the fall schedule. Although that ups the pressure on the show, cast and crew feel a sense of validation and say the move signals confidence from Syfy.

Rose, Bryant and Balfour and executive producer Lloyd Segan joined us for an interview to discuss the show's movie, as well as a third season that they promise will answer long-standing questions (including last season's cliffhanger "Where is Audrey Parker") as well as offering new mysteries to unravel, new faces, romance, haunted houses - and time travel? As if that's not enough, the cast even opens up about ghosts, and throws a challenge down to Kris Williams of Ghost Hunters International.

Horror Pop Culture Sept. 21

Editor's Note: Horror Pop Culture is a weekly round-up of horror genre news, reviews and rumors

Return to Class of Nuke ‘Em High first look

I haven’t heard much about this one. Come to think of it, I don’t know if I’ve heard anything about it besides that it was going to happen eventually. Well, it looks like it did happen and fans of Troma should be more than pleased!

Stan Lee's original comic 'Mighty 7' to receive movie adaptation

Courtesy Stan Lee's POW Entertainment
Stan Lee fans rejoiced earlier this year with the announcement of the legendary comic book creator’s first series under the Stan Lee Comic brand. According to USA Today, the six-issue series will star seven new superheroes and feature cameos of Stan Lee himself. Stan Lee's Mighty 7 debuted its first bimonthly issue in March in comic book shops and online.

Among several announcements made earlier this week at Comikaze, A2 Entertainment, along with Stan Lee’s POW Entertainment, introduced plans to turn the Mighty 7 into a feature film. The film is set to be released next year on the family-oriented The Hub network.

In addition to the feature film, it was also announced that Hot Topic stores, a leader in pop culture accessories, will be the exclusive retailer for a clothing line set to feature the Mighty 7 characters called SLAM7.

The Mighty 7 clearly is an exciting project for Stan Lee as he continues to revolutionize the comic book industry. The comic book great relayed to USA Today, "I would have never thought years ago that I would be in a comic book or I would be in a cameo in a movie. I love it. I guess I'm kind of a ham." The series includes all new characters which consists mostly of aliens! Two marshals transport the group of aliens through the universe and inevitably crash land on earth. Add a Stan Lee cameo into the mix and sci-fi fantasy meets reality.

To check out digital versions of Mighty 7, visit archiecomics.com.

-Alli Salzman

John Carpenter's original 'Halloween' receives theatrical re-release

In the Autumn of 1978, a pioneering film changed the horror genre by introducing us to a hulking shape known as Michael Myers, and scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis. John Carpenter's low-budget gem Halloween shocked audiences yet stayed subtle by using minimal blood and left the viewer to use their own imagination. Little did those involved know that the movie they were making would become a classic - even classic enough for a re-release 34 years later.

According to the official press release:

"Screenvision, a national leader in cinema advertising sales, services and content distribution, has teamed up with Compass International Pictures and Trancas International Films to bring John Carpenter’s immortal 1978 classic, Halloween, back to the big screen. This nationwide release, beginning Oct. 25 with select showings through October 31 will be the widest distribution the film has seen since originally shocking audiences in 1978. This cinema scare classic will be presented in a striking, new HD transfer and 5.1 audio."

Viewers will also be treated to a short documentary called You Can't Kill the Bogeyman: 35 Years of Halloween which discusses how the film impacted not only the horror genre but also our culture. Malak Akkad, son of Halloween's late producer, Moustapha Akkad was quoted as saying, "We are thrilled to bring John Carpenter's original Halloween back to the screen after almost 35 years ... We are excited for fans from coast to coast to finally get the ultimate theatrical experience."

The complete list of participating theaters will be released soon. Will you be checking it out? We'd love to hear your thoughts!

-Larissa Mrykalo

'Supernatural' sneak peek: Castiel is dead, Dean needs a shower

Season eight of Supernatural is right around the corner, and if you think it's hell to wait, it is still better than spending a year running through Purgatory a la Dean Winchester.

In the clip, a clearly messed up Dean (Jensen Ackles) talks to brother Sam (Jared Padalecki) about running for his life through the realm, and losing Castiel in the process. Dean say Cas "just let go" as things got a little "hairy" down there. But that doesn't necessarily mean Cas is dead. In fact, we know to never count out Mischa Barton's character.

Supernatural returns Oct. 3, 9 p.m.


-Aaron Sagers

Eli Roth to open Goretorium attraction

Courtesy Goretorium.com
Eli Roth is one of Hollywood's more prolific horror producers and directors with hits like Cabin Fever and Hostel, plus he does a little acting too (Inglorious Bastards). So imagine how delighted we were when we discovered  a new attraction would be opening up in Las Vegas where you could actually experience Roth's deliciously disturbed mind, first hand.

It is called, appropriately enough, Goretorium and from the tidbits the website offers, well, disturbing is an understatement. It opens on Sept. 27  and it is not just open for the Halloween season, but is a 365-days a year treat situated across from CityCenter and the Cosmopolitan.

The brand new attraction is based on the mythical Delmont Hotel where, 50 years ago, a family of cannibalistic owners would drug their guests, filet them while they were still alive, and feed them to their other guests. Yummy! Patrons self-guide through the Delmont, starting in the lobby, and get to witness the horrors that this serial-killing family bestowed upon their victims.

Says the site, "employing high-tech Vegas showmanship with old-fashioned scares, the terrifying labyrinth of live actors, animatronic frights, and stunning special effects is contained in a vintage hotel setting that rivals the best movie sets."

If you can't head to Vegas to experience this living nightmare, the site allows you to "Launch the webcam to watch our guests s#!+ their pants and see what you're missing." Sounds fun! There are also videos and pictures to draw you into the madness. (Check out this pretty grotesque clip not for the easily grossed-out).

Tickets are $35 if purchased online or $40 at the door. There is also a "Death Row VIP Fast Pass" for $60 in case you want to skip the line and jump-start your terrifying experience!

If you happen to check out this latest installment of Eli Roth's glorious insanity, please let us know - we're dying to hear about it!

- Larissa Mrykalo

Gabby Douglas to visit 'The Vampire Diaries'

courtesy Huffington Post
Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas is heading to the fictional town of Mystic Falls for a guest starring role on The CW's The Vampire Diaries.

Huffington Post reported that the gymnast, who is a professed fan of the show, would not be playing herself but the details about the role have yet to be revealed. During the games, the cast of TVD made a video sending support to Douglas, and she's already been tweeting with star Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev.

This whole crossover is just adorkable. But we know at least one person who is not impressed.

-Aaron Sagers

Does reuniting feel so good for Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart?

Courtesy People
Good news for Twi-hards (and for any fan of love and romance, of course!) came from People magazine today when they reported Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart met up last weekend in Los Angeles.

Did the reunion mean the lovebirds - separated after news broke she cheated on him with Snow White director Rupert Sanders - would be reconciling? The mag reports that at least one of Pattinson's crew says he "thinks they'll be a couple again."

After Pattinson made the rounds following the breakup, and Stewart said the "momentary indiscretion" jeopardized the most important thing in her life - and added "I love him, I love him, I'm so sorry" - had a heartwarming impact on the Breaking Dawn actor.

Either way, this has to be great news for Summit Entertainment, who is looking at the publicity surrounding the Nov. 16 release of Breaking Dawn-Part 2.

-Aaron Sagers

Michael Dorn to be a were-Worf in 'Castlevania' movie

Dorn, courtesy FEARnet
A Castlevania movie is happening - and Michael (friggin' Lieutenant Commander Worf) Dorn is involved.

According to FEARnet, in an interview with Nerdist (as reported by Polygon), Dorn said a new movie based on the epic monster-hunting video game series is happening. Moreover, he is attached to play an ancient werewolf - or is that a were-Worf? Yes, yes it is.

Says Dorn, "I'm playing a werewolf that's been around for a gajillion years who works for this vampire. It's not too far from Worf because there's a lot of killing and jumping and sword fights and everything."

Previously, Resident Evil director Paul W.S. Anderson and James Wan were involved in a Castlevania adaptation, but it's unclear if this treatment is connected to that.

- Aaron Sagers

'Face Off' recap: 'Supermobile'

Alana & Roy's Fire/Chaos creation, courtesy Syfy

What a perfect setting to learn about tonight's super-cool challenge! The remaining eight contestants walked to the mountain location, Bronson Caves, which is the entrance to the Batcave from the late '60s TV series. They learned the spotlight challenge for tonight's episode was to create an original superhero and a sidekick based around their choice of four vehicles: a Humber Pig (Tommy/Laura); Dodge Charger (Alana/Roy); Tatra T-87 (Jason/Rod); and an AJS motorcycle (Sarah/Derek).

There was not an immunity challenge tonight, so no one was safe from elimination. Jason admitted being concerned about the challenge (foreshadowing)? After choosing their vehicles and taking pictures for inspiration, the teams were treated to a consultation from last season's winner, Rayce Bird. Rayce has been heavy into "conceptual design work" and gave some really great pointers.

'Hot Set' premiere recap

Abra's set in progress, courtesy Syfy

On the heels of the success of Syfy's Face Off, Hot Set brings the world of set design into our living rooms. A "hot set" is one that is perfectly dressed and camera-ready. The format is similar but instead of live models, two teams design an elaborate movie set in just three days with a $15,000 budget.

The host is Ben Mankiewicz and he's got some impressive lineage. Ben's Grandpa Herman wrote the Oscar-Winning, Citizen Kane. The three judges are seasoned veterans of the big screen as well: Lilly Kilvert (The Last Samurai); Curt Beech (The Social Network); and, Barry Robison (The Chronicles of Narnia) lend their expertise.

Stephen King's 'The Shining' sequel gets release date

Just shy of one year since he read an excerpt at George Mason University in Washington, D.C., Stephen King has confirmed on his website that his sequel to The Shining would be released Sept. 24, 2013.

Titled Doctor Sleep, the book follows an adult Danny Torrance, who works in hospice care, and his run-ins with a traveling group of psychic vampires called "The Tribe."

-Aaron Sagers

FEARnet re-opens vault of horror with 'Tales from the Crypt'

Cryptkeeper, courtesy FEARnet
It is a happy day for horror fans because the Cryptkeeper is heading to cable network FEARnet. All 93 episodes from Tales from the Crypt, the horror anthology that ran on HBO from 1989 to 1996, will be aired in linear order beginning Oct. 5, 10 p.m.

The episodes will be be edited for for content, but the original, unedited episodes of the fan-favorite show will be presented on its VOD platform, where four episodes will be added every Wednesday.

Based on the EC horror/crime comics, Tales from the Crypt featured recognizable faces such as Hollywood stars such as Brad Pitt and Daniel Craig; it also included executive producers such as Richard Donner (Lethal Weapon), Robert Zemeckis (Forrest Gump), David Giler (Prometheus)  and Joel Silver (Die Hard, Matrix and Sherlock Holmes).

Said Silver, in a press release, "We’re incredibly pleased that FEARnet is the new TV home to both versions of Tales ... the episodes are just as effective now as they were when they originally aired. It’s exciting to be able to introduce this cult classic now to a new generation."

New batch of 'Walking Dead' McFarlane Toys emerges

Courtesy McFarlane Toys
Toy collectors and zombie-heads should start saving up for McFarlane Toys' next wave of Walking Dead action figures, debuting October 2012. Based on the AMC drama, the TV Series 2 includes shaved-headed Shane Walsh, a new Rick Grimes and three zombies - the RV Zombie (with the screwdriver in the peeper) and Well Zombie from season two, and the Bicycle Girl Zombie from season one.

According to the McFarlane Toys site, the anticipated zombie action poses from the figures includes (after the jump):

Inside the funding foundations of 'Planet Weird'


It is a weird world out there, and it needs to be explained - just not how paranormal reality-TV investigative shows have been doing. At least, that's the thrust of Planet Weird, a new reality concept seeking funding for production.

Planet Weird is the brainchild of Who Forted? contributing editor (and filmmaker) Greg Newkirk; Jason Gowin, formerly of the controversial A&E miniseries Extreme Paranormal; Dana Matthews of Canada's The Girly Ghosthunters; and funny guy Nick Foust. They'll also be receiving help along the way from science advisor Sharon Hill from Doubtful News, and Weird Lectures' John E.L. Tenney.

Currently seeking funding at Indiegogo to put their documentary into production - and so far making a few grand more than their initial $7,000 goal - the Planet Weird pitch is that it will be different and incorporate all elements of the paranormal. But how will it do so? With some time left in their fundraising campaign, we sent Jason and Greg some basic questions about Planet Weird to investigate the investigators (after the jump)...

'Revolution' premiere lowdown

If the Revolution premiere last night piqued your interest about the show and left you wanting more information, you're in luck. Check out this video giving the lowdown on the first episode from the actors and creators. One interesting note after the premiere: exec-producer J.J. Abrams told EW the show is about a world without power is a quest story in a modern-medieval setting, but is more of a story about rebirth than a post-apocalyptic tale.

Warner Bros. invades NY Comic Con

After news was released last week that The Walking Dead would have a strong presence at New York Comic-Con (complete with panel and signings by Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Chandler Riggs, Danai Gurira, David Morrissey and Michael Rooker), Warner Bros. announced today it would be rolling out a lot of talent from their fall lineup for the con.

According to a press release, the Warner talent will include 666 Park Avenue stars Terry O’Quinn (Lost) and Vanessa Williams (Desperate Housewives); Arrow stars Stephen Amell (Private Practice), Katie Cassidy (Supernatural) and Willa Holland (Gossip Girl); The Following stars Kevin Bacon (X-Men: First Class) and James Purefoy (Rome); and Person of Interest creator/executive producer Jonathan Nolan (The Dark Knight trilogy) with series stars Michael Emerson (Lost), Taraji P. Henson (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) and Kevin Chapman (Rescue Me), among others.

The complete WBTV schedule is available after the jump...

Just because: Ben Folds Five rocks out with 'Fraggle Rock'

It isn't really paranormal, but it is a groovy track from Ben Folds (Five) with a fun vid featuring Folds, Chris Hardwick of Nerdist, Rob Corddry, Anna Kendrick and the Fraggles of Fraggle Rock.

Or maybe it's super paranormal since it involves cryptids who live under ground while subverting a slave race all while they dance, play and fear only the Gorgs. OK, if that helps us rationalize posting this so it fits within the paranormal umbrella, so be it. Either way, it's just fun...

-Aaron Sagers

Chiller TV unveils upcoming original programming

The Chiller network announced today a few upcoming goodies to make unlucky number '13 - 2013 that is - seem a little more fortunate for horror fans.

A slew that includes a two new "Chiller 13" countdown specials, a new original movie and an anthology film (a first for the network), the releases will build on a year of programming that included strong ratings with Adults 25-54 and the coveted 18-34 demo.

Here's the breakdown, according to the press release:

Fall TV: Paranormal Pop Culture preview

Courtesy FX

The sun is setting earlier as the weather cools off, leaves are turning gold and brown, and bags of candy corn or other Halloween treats are dominating store shelves. It must mean fall is arriving, and with it is a bevy of new TV shows.

No surprise here, but the paranormal is still big business within pop culture, and there is no shortage of unexplained entertainment in the form of ghosts, vampires, aliens and fairy tale creatures in this fall’s 2012 television line-up.

Of course, some shows jumped the autumn gun by serving up their programming (along with a cup of pumpkin-flavored coffee) as early as August, but we'll include them as well. So whether you're interested in returning shows or just the newbies that TV execs hope will break out, it's time get your PKE meters and remote controls ready for the paranormal invasion...

Paranormal Witness
Syfy, returned Aug. 8, 10 p.m.
The docudrama kicked off season two with its first episode entitled "Man in the Attic." Whether it’s the scary music, creepy cinematic camera angles or suspenseful Paranormal Activity -esque authenticity, this show certainly ranks high on the creep factor. Incorporating witness testimony along with reenactment footage, and actual evidence, this is a show recommended for those who like their ghost stories real, and real spooky. Watch it with the lights on.

Grimm, courtesy NBC
NBC, returned Aug. 13, 10 p.m.
It’s the second time at bat for NBC’s fairy tale procedural, and fans are desperately hoping for a little wind in their hair on the upswing. Revolving around a cop who also serves as an investigator/hunter of folkoric creatures (and is aided in the process by a formerly big, bad wolf), Grimm comes from Buffy and Angel alumni David Greenwalt, Jim Kouf and Stephen Carpenter. Season one was enough to set the stage for a mythology-driven show, and features fun monster antics - and is conveniently part of the modernized fairy tale trend in TV.

Syfy, returned Aug. 21, 9 p.m.
McKenzie Westmore returned as the host of Syfy’s hit reality/competition series Face Off. As in previous seasons, contestants compete in the highly stylized realm of special-effects make-up at the hopes of winning the $100,000 purse and a brand new Toyota. Also returning is the rockstar panel of loveable, yet understandably hyper-critical, judges which include three-time Academy Award winner Ve Neill (Pirates of the Caribbean, Edward Scissorhands), the man with the quick wit and crazy hair Glenn Hetrick (Heroes, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The X-Files) and the quiet, yet insightful Patrick Tatopoulos (Underworld, Independence Day, Resident Evil: Extinction).

Ghost Hunters
Syfy, returned Sept. 5, 9 p.m.
The TAPS team continues on in their quest to document evidence of paranormal activity in some of the most haunted locations in the South when reality show Ghost Hunters returned two weeks ago. The show took an unprecedented turn when lead investigator Grant Wilson announced his retirement from the long running Syfy series. But, according to previews for the new season, the hunt continues and the team has no problem finding a few new ghosts to talk to. There is even a few exciting format (and cast) changes that keep the show fresh

Ghost Adventures
The Travel Channel, returned Sept. 14, 9 p.m.
The paranormal investigative reality-TV team of Zak Bagans, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin are back for an impressive seventh season of Ghost Adventures. The rockstar trio returned with their signature style of dusk-to-dawn lockdowns as they travel to new spooky locations across the country landing them in places such as California’s historic Point Sur Lighthouse, the Central Unit Prison in Sugar Lands, Texas and even finding time for Zak Bagans to pay a visit to his childhood home outside Chicago. This is high-octane paranormal TV, and the guys are still at the top of their game when it comes to investigating and pushing back on nasty specters.

NBC, series premiere Sept. 17, 10 p.m.
J.J. Abrams has sounded the alarm and assembled a super team of executive producers which include Supernatural’s Eric Kripke, Bryan Burk (Lost, Star Trek) and Jon Favreau (Iron Man) as co-executive producer for NBC’s latest post-apocalyptic drama about a world where all forms of energy have mysteriously ceased to exist. I know what you’re thinking, another survival “Lost”-esque drama from Abrams is bound to ignite the imagination of millions only to someday dash their hopes with an incredibly cryptic, confounding and ultimately disappointing plotline. Did I mention that Giancarlo Esposito who played Gustavo "Gus" Fring in AMC’s Breaking Bad stars in the series as a baddie? That’s enough for at least a trial period in my book, but the show has also been garnering great reviews and a lot of buzz.

Hot Set
Syfy, series premiere Sept. 18, 10 p.m.

In the vein of Face Off, this is a reality competition series revolving around rival set designers. Hosted by Ben Mankiewicz (grandson to Herman, writer of Citizen Kane, and great-nephew to Cleopatra scribe Joseph), the show gives contestants a script, three days and a $15 thousand budget to bring the script to life. Also, each contestant finishes the competition by actually shooting on set. Show judges include production designers Curt Beech (Star Trek, The Help), Lilly Kilvert (Legends of the Fall) and Barry Robison (X-Men Origins: Wolverine).

Haven, courtesy Syfy
Syfy, series returns Sept. 21, 10 p.m.
Loosely based on the novella "The Colorado Kid" by Stephen King, Syfy’s one-hour drama series will return for a third season. It is no surprise that this little Stephen King story that could is garnering such success, and also no surprise that it centers around a small town in Maine which, in King’s world, seems to be the epicenter of paranormal activity. The show stars Emily Rose (Jericho, Brothers and Sisters) as FBI agent Audrey Parker who investigates supernatural afflictions that plague the town of Haven.

The Neighbors
ABC, series premiere Sept. 26, 9:30 p.m.
(regular timeslot premiere Oct. 3, 8:30 p.m.)
If extraterrestrials ever decided to come to earth and set up residence, New Jersey is as good a place as any to blend in. ABC’s newest sitcom ventures into the paranormal by following the life of a family who moves to an upscale suburb in Jersey where they suspect that their - you guessed it - neighbors might be from outer space. Come to think of it, all my neighbors are weird too, maybe ABC is trying to tell us something…

Fox, series returns Sept. 28, 9 p.m.
It’s over, Johnny - almost. After low ratings and near cancellations, Fringe is back for its fifth and final season. This season has been touted as a love letter to the fans who have faithfully stuck with Fox’s science fiction drama through its darkest days. The loyalists will be there to see how things end for the team of fringe science investigators pursuing the mysteries surrounding the parallel universe. As for the uninitiated, without the pressure of aiming for renewal, the curious TV-commitment-phobes should tune in for the final season if only to watch as the writers and producers pull out all the stops to end their labor of love with a bang.

Paranormal Paparazzi
Travel Channel, series premiere Sept. 28, 7 p.m.
The only thing more elusive than pictures of Miley Cyrus’ new punk haircut is a photo of a full-bodied apparition of Aunt Sally making the walls bleed. Editor-in-chief of ParanormalPopCulture.com and pop culture pundit Aaron Sagers takes viewers on a paranormal road trip across the country as he tracks down the most current, bizarre and unsolved paranormal stories. Teams of reporters reveal their findings in a fast paced newsroom set-up for the entertainment news story - which is also heavy with celeb appearances. Season one will cover stories from Will Ferrell’s haunted trailer to a UFO sighting at the Jersey Shore and a teenage exorcism squad in Arizona.

666 Park Ave, Courtesy ABC
666 Park Avenue
ABC, series premiere Sept. 30, 10 p.m
Based on Alloy’s book series by Gabriella Pierce, ABC’s newest primetime soap series trades witches for Lucifer, and is sure to attract the attention of a loyal and vast community of fans of the paranormal. The show revolves around an exclusive NYC apartment building with a hell of a lease. You can move in anytime you like, but you can never leave - especially if you refuse to meet your end of a Faustian bargain. The show stars Terry O’Quinn (Lost), so you know the acting will be solid, and Vanessa Williams (Desperate Housewives).

Once Upon a Time
ABC, series returns Sept. 30, 8 p.m.
After the teaser ABC previewed at the 2012 San Diego Comic Con, audiences are already a-flutter about the premiere of season two. The show about a town of fairy-tale characters who forget their fantastical origins was a big hit last season, and it has been confirmed that Captain Hook will be an important character of the sophomore season. Also, creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis have promised viewers that they will finally reveal the identity of little boy Henry’s father.

Making Monsters
Travel Channel, series returns Sept. 30, 8 p.m.
If you’ve ever wanted a glimpse into the weird world of the effects gurus that make monsters come to life for a living, then reality series Making Monsters is the show for you. Viewers get an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek at all the wacky happenings at Distortions Unlimited, the Colorado-based animatronic and prop-making company run by Ed & Marsha Edmunds. Since this is the second season for the Edmunds and their staff, Distortions has taken on some of the most challenging projects to date including a stage mask for the rock band Megadeth, a 25-foot skeleton for an outdoor Baltimore attraction and a larger-than-life custom-made Gatekeeper for Hollywood legend Dick Van Dyke’s southern California home haunt.

The CW, series returns Oct. 3, 9 p.m.
Fans let out a collective sigh of relief when The CW announced that not only will Supernatural be returning for an eighth season, but it might possibly be renewed into a ninth. CW head honcho Mark Pedowitz confirmed, "I’m not looking at season 8 as the final year in any way, shape or form." So fear not super-fans, it seems the epic saga of the monster/urban legend/demon/angel hunters the Winchester brothers will continue on indefinitely as Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) battle every kind of supernatural being the writers can dream up.

The Dead Files
Travel Channel, series returns Oct. 5, 10 p.m.
A retired NYPD Homicide detective and a medium walk into a bar ... Okay, so this show isn’t a comedy, it is a reality buddy cop show that pairs Detective Steve DiSchiavi and medium Amy Allan. The duo travels from city to city trying to solve unexplained paranormal disturbances. Step aside, Chan and Tucker, Gibson and Glover, Murphy and Nolte, Tuner and Hooch…

Arrow, Courtesy CW
The CW, series premiere Oct. 10, 8 p.m.
After all this time, and so many superhero movies, finally those of us who have a hard time leaving the comfort of our own couches can watch men in tights beat up bad guys at home. Arrow is a modernized retelling of DC Comics character Green Arrow via the Batman Begins billionaire playboy origin story. The show stars Stephen Amell (Hung) - who looks a little bit like a young Chris O’Donnell back in his Scent of a Woman days - as a reformed rich kid who avenges the wronged, and seeks to correct the sins of his father via archery skills and crimefighting. Also expect to see other DCU characters like The Huntress and, likely, Deathstroke in the show.

Beauty and the Beast
The CW, series premiere Oct. 11, 9 p.m.
Linda Hamilton and Hellboy himself Ron Perlman blazed the path for a Beauty and the Beast show back in the '80s and The CW has remade it with more of a supernatural quality. This time, Vincent the beast, played by Jay Ryan (Terra Nova) will be pretty handsome and only reveal his beastly side when angry and provoked, a la Hulk and Grimm's Wesen. Smallville's Kristin Kreuk will be the beauty who gets saved by the beast, but it's still unclear what the rest of the show will entail beyond romance and tortured souls.

The Vampire Diaries
The CW, series returns Oct. 11, 8 p.m.
Time to get another round of VD (and it just cleared up), and luckily everyone is just as hot as they were back in season three. Any show that features a cast attractive enough to make even my withered old heart skip a beat, is worth watching in my book. And Oh yeah, there’s still enough vampire action, teenage angst and love triangle drama to suit the fickle temperament of the modern teenager. Besides being a modern-day vampire-themed Dawson’s Creek, the show is a delicious guilty pleasure that promises a lot more action this round.

The Walking Dead
AMC, series returns Oct. 14, 9 p.m.
Courtesy AMC
The Walking Dead premiere is likely one of the most anticipated dates in TV, normal or paranormal. Following a rather harrowing end to season two at the pile of ashes formerly known as the farmhouse, season three promises an even rockier road. There’s to be no more sweet tea and southern hospitality for Rick and his gang as they try to clean out a zombie-infested prison to make as their new home. As if that's not enough, they'll have to contend with the villainy of The Governor (David Morrissey) - the leader of the too-perfect survivor town of Woodbury. The return of Merle (Michael Rooker) and the introduction of fan-fave comic character Michonne (Danai Gurira) make this season look epic.

American Horror Story
FX, series returns Oct. 17, 10 p.m.
Last but certainly not least, the trippy horror anthology series by Ryan Murphy (Glee, Nip/Tuck), returns with a new setting and (mostly) new cast. After wrapping up the haunted happenings at the modern-day California home, Murphy jumps back to the '60s to Briarcliff Manor, an asylum for the criminally insane. There will be nun caretakers (including returning cast member Jessica Lange), in addition to nun Nazis, aliens, a nymphomaniac and a serial killer named Bloody Face who wears a Leatherface-esque skin mask and nightie. The series also stars Zachary Quinto, Adam Levine, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Lily Rabe, James Cromwell, Chloe Sevigny and Joseph Fiennes.

Zombie prez candidate gets newspaper endorsement

Courtesy AMC
A. Zombie is on a roll, ladies and gentlemen! After a six-state campaign, including stops at both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, the AMC-backed A. Zombie has officially been endorsed by Ed Anger of Weekly World News.

Why would anyone vote for A. Zombie?

According to Ed Anger: "Those two political conventions gave me gas, constipation and the runs. It's time for a new kind of leader, it's time to elect somebody who already is dead. Not someone who acts dead. Vote A. Zombie!" Check out Ed's press release in it's entirety at Weekly World News.

Have you lost your zombies? A. Zombie is here to help you get them back. According to his official press release, A. Zombie’s one and only mission is to rally zombie fans around the country who don’t have access to the AMC network to find an "alternative television provider before the highly-anticipated third season premiere on October 14, 2012 of A. Zombie’s favorite show, AMC’s The Walking Dead, the most watched basic cable scripted drama series among DISH subscribers, according to the Nielsen company."

As A. Zombie says, "The average American family has a lot on its plate. But frankly, nothing good on its DISH."

For more information see azombieforpresident.com and @AZombie2012 on Twitter.

-Melissa Harkness

'The Walking Dead' behind the scenes sneak peek

Check it out. AMC has released a behind-the-scenes video for The Walking Dead with interviews of the season three cast. And remember, TWD returns Sunday, Oct. 14, 9 p.m. ET/PT.

'Haunted Collector' renewed for Season 3

This morning, Syfy announced it would be renewing its paranormal reality series Haunted Collector. The show stars John Zaffis and Brian J. Cano, along with Zaffis' kids Aimee and Chris, Jason Gates and Jessyln Brown. During season two, the show averaged 1.17 million total viewers, which includes a growth of about 18 percent among adults versus season one.

From a Syfy press release: