'Ghostbusters' live read reveals script secrets

A re-imagined GB cast with Black, Rogen, Wilson
Courtesy EW
Jason Reitman is not only an acclaimed filmmaker (Jennifer’s Body, Juno) but is the son of Ghostbusters director, Ivan Reitman. He also does this really cool "live-read" of famous movies such as The Princess Bride and The Breakfast Club, featuring famous actors.

Naturally, doing a live-read of Ghostbusters was an easy choice since he had access to, not only the original script from dear old dad, but spent time on the set as a boy - and that's what he did Dec. 13 at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art with Seth Rogen (reading as Venkman), Jack Black (Ray), Rainn Wilson (Egon) and Kristen Bell (Dana).

"It was a part of my life growing up," Reitman told Entertainment Weekly about his decision to do the GB read.

'666 Park Avenue' episodes shelved until summer

The devil couldn't save ABC’s paranormal series 666 Park Avenue, and now we’ve learned from Deadline.com that the remaining four eps of the ill-fated first season won’t air until this summer.

The series was cancelled in November and it was assumed that it would return much earlier. Writers got to work so the series would have closure, but now, we have to wait until the warmer months to see the fate of The Drake and its residents.

-Larissa Mrykalo

'Walking Dead' returns for Season 4, Mazzara does not

With ratings that made it the top cable series of 2012 - and one that beat out some broadcast hits - it’s no surprise that AMC has renewed the popular zombie series The Walking Dead, based on Robert Kirkman's comics. It is quite a shock that showrunner Glen Mazzara, is not returning. Mazzara replaced Frank Darabont last year (after a very public firing) but Mazzara made this official statement on Dec. 21:

"My time as showrunner on The Walking Dead has been an amazing experience, but after I finish season 3, it’s time to move on. I have told the stories I wanted to tell and connected with our fans on a level that I never imagined. It doesn’t get much better than that. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this journey."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the decision was an amicable one but, according to a statement from AMC, "Both parties acknowledge that there is a difference of opinion about where the show should go moving forward and conclude that it is best to part ways."

Let's not forget that AMC has a bad habit of pulling shenanigans like this, and has led to some vocal disagreement within TWD ranks before. As of yet, no replacement for Mazzara has been chosen but THR says someone on the writing staff may be in the running.

Should we speculate on whether that someone could be Kirkman himself, Gale Anne Hurd or Greg Nicotero?

The remainder of Season 3's eight episodes will start airing on Feb. 10. And Season 4 will premiere some time in October. Also look for an extra half hour of the popular Chris Hardwick-hosted, The Talking Dead to air at 10 p.m. ET, immediately following the new episodes.

-Larissa Mrykalo

Matt Smith on a very Time Lord 'Doctor Who' Christmas

Smith in his redesigned TARDIS. Courtesy BBC America

[This article contains SPOILERS related to the Doctor Who Christmas Special]

Every Christmas an ancient time-and-space traversing visitor swoops in on his flying ride to give a gift to the children of the world. But instead of a jolly elf with reindeer, this one is a Time Lord with a TARDIS.

Yes, it is time again for the "Doctor Who Christmas Special," a holiday tradition as special to nerds as Towel Day (and maybe even Life Day). Airing tonight on BBC America at 9 p.m. ET, "The Snowmen" is 11th Doctor Matt Smith's third special, but marks an important first for him - the arrival of a new Companion.

Following the untimely departure of the Ponds, The Doctor is out of the saving-the-world business, and has become a curmudgeonly Scrooge in Victorian London. Though he keeps company with allies Strax, Vastra and Jenny (who comprise something of a Sherlock-esque sleuthing team), The Doctor has largely separated himself from humanity, but things change when he encounters Clara. Played by Jenna-Louise Coleman, who we met as "Oswin" in the Season 7 premiere "Asylum of the Daleks," Clara is a smart and saucy woman with a double life. When she stumbles into The Doctor at Christmastime, and onto a race of monstrously animated Snowmen controlled by Doctor Simeon (Richard E. Grant), Dickensian England gets interesting.

Unlike some other Christmas Specials, "The Snowmen" plays an important role in setting up the second half of Season 7 - and ranks as one of the best specials in the rebooted show. The grief-stricken Doctor is still coping with losing the Ponds, and is living with his head in the clouds. Meanwhile, it introduces Coleman as new Companion Clara and sets up a mystery for her character. Moreover we get to see glimpses of a new TARDIS and are treated to a few surprises.

But for Smith, the Christmas Special is integral to seeing The Doctor get his mojo back. In a recent conversation with Matt Smith at the BBC America offices in Manhattan, the actor discussed the Christmas Special, having Coleman join him on the TARDIS, and how the holiday action impacts the rest of the this season (after the jump...)

To begin with, I recently just re-watched "The Next Doctor" Christmas Special with David Morrissey, and wondered what you thought about an unofficial Doctor becoming The Governor on The Walking Dead.

I’m a huge fan of The Walking Dead, and it’s exciting to see him in that sort of badass villain. He’s a fabulous actor.

What was the biggest challenge in transitioning to a companion since this is the first change in companions for you.

Change in Doctor Who is always slightly resisted, but that’s what the show is based on - change and evolution, and embracing that. Whether it be with The Doctor or a companion. In story terms, The Doctor, we leave him having just lost the Ponds, and he’s not in a great place. He’s kind of lost his mojo a bit and his sense of adventure and I think this season certainly looks at him re-discovering that fire with the character of Clara. For me and Jenna, as actors, it’s kind of like the show in many ways. You develop a chemistry and a work ethic together as the season goes on, you know?

What sort of thing are you excited for the audience to see with Jenna?

Well, it’s the mystery that surrounds her that, I think, will be of real intrigue this year. I think it’s cool, because we kind of have this gang with us this season, as well, Strax, Vastra and Jenny - who are brilliant and funny, and one’s a lizard assassin, one’s a sort-of ninja from Victorian times and the other’s just a complete psychotic war-monster. You sort of add that into the mix. And Richard Grant [in "The Snowmen"] is in fine form as a villain. So, there’s a lot coming up.

Are Strax, Vastra and Jenny going to be sticking around for a good portion of the season?

Yeah, they’re around. They’ll be back. And [River Song, played by Alex Kingston] is always swooping in.

How is that going to work? This seems the character of Oswin is directly more flirtatious, and it seems like there’s more romantic spark right away, which is never quite realized with Amy.

No, because she was sort of in love with Rory, wasn’t she? And there was always that. The Doctor was sort of like their weird granddad/child.

Coleman's snogs a Time Lord, courtesy BBC-A
You’re a married man and kissing another woman!

I know! I mean, he’s still … you saw me and the kiss. I’m flailing around like a wombat. He still doesn’t really know what to do.

That’s certainly the one area where The Doctor always falls apart, when it comes to the romance and the feelings. Feelings are kind of a weird, icky kind of thing…

It’s the human stuff that he doesn’t really know how to compute or deal with.

Let's bring up another quintessentially British character, James Bond. Bond and The Doctor always seem to get their friends - and girlfriends - killed off. What is it that about the British sensibility that…

I don’t know! It’s funny, isn’t it? Everyone that comes with us ends up taking the fall at some point. I think it’s very interesting for both characters, if you look at the bloods on their hands. But, actually, James Bond and The Doctor – they’d probably get on – but I think The Doctor would just be like, "Let’s talk before we shoot, and why do you keep kissing everyone? What is that all about? Let’s go. Let’s move on." I like to think they’d get on quite well. Maybe The Doctor would just think he’s really cool. I don’t know.

He does wear bowties.

He does wear bowties, and has cool one-liners.

Are there still moments where you just think, "This is so freaking cool that I get to do this"?

Oh man, every day playing that character, because it’s limitless. It’s boundless. I’m more so very fortunate that I have Steven Moffat at the helm of it, who, in my eyes, is a complete genius. So, I mean, honestly, not sounding too happy about myself, but it’s every day that I’m grateful for it because it offers you so much opportunity, especially as an actor.

Do you like being able to go in a darker direction than you have before, in the Christmas Special? And is that going to resonate?

I think so. Over the three seasons I’ve done, I’ve always wanted there to be a slight variation, so you look back on each season and go, "Yeah, I look back, seeing The Doctor in 'The Eleventh Hour,' sort of like a newborn lamb - and now, he’s a bit slower." But still, he’ll get his mojo back. He’s got to; he’s The Doctor.

You see that mojo come back a bit in the Christmas Special, right?

Once the bowtie is on, he’s like, "Okay, game time again," you know?

Would you ever want to do the evil twin Doctor?

I love the idea. Watch this space is all I can say to that.

So we’re going to see "evil" you?

You might be, you might not [laughs].

We heard that you had been filming with John Barrowman, is that the case?

No. That’s a complete fabrication ... Me and John have never, ever stepped on a film set together. No Captain Jack, as of yet, I’m afraid. No. I would welcome the Captain, you know? He’s The Doctor’s pal. I’m sure John would like to like to come back, but it’s … you’ve got to fly those one’s with Moffat, I’m afraid. I just turn up and try and get the lines in the right order. [laughs]

I’ve talked to you so many times from when you first came presenting The Doctor in America to now; how is the fandom transitioning even further? Evolving even further?

That’s been one of the most exciting parts of my tenure, really, is seeing the growing evolution of the show in the States - and just the general awareness of the show. I think the viewing figures - it was the biggest selling show on iTunes last year. TV Guide, Entertainment Weekly - things like that are real big steps for the show, and I feel very proud to be a part of it. It is nice to work on something that feels like it’s in a moment, or of a moment, you know?

Where are the American fans right now? We know that they’re younger. You get a lot of Gen-X fans and a lot of old-school, Tom Baker fans. Where do you see the American fandom going?

Interestingly, I think more children will come on board. I was talking to Alex Kingston who says when she goes to pick up her kid from school, the kids go, “River Song! River Song!” I think it would be interesting - and good! - because it is right that it’s for children, as well. So, I think the audience may get younger. But what do I know, you know?

So, the new TARDIS: I like it but miss the kind of Steampunkiness ...

Of the old one? Yeah, yeah.

That sort of fit your sensibility.

All the bits? Yeah, I know. I miss certain bits of the old one, as well. But like with everything on the show, I think you’ve got to just go with the change. Otherwise, they’ll leave you behind. They’ve kind of gone more traditional, like more back to Jon Pertwee, Sylvester McCoy - like, if you look back at it, it’s a definite nod to an older version of the show and the TARDIS.

I appreciate you calling back to older Doctors. It’s a lot of homework to do. Do fans ever try to quiz you on it?

Yeah. Interestingly, in "The Doctor’s Wife" - the previous Neil Gaiman episode - there’s a scene where he builds a TARDIS out of old TARDISes. He’s in the TARDIS junkyard, and there was a guy on set who could name - just from the wall - what TARDIS, what era, what episode. So, for any Whovians out there, if you can name what TARDIS, what era, what episode, then you know your stuff.

I’ve watched the show a long time, but I don’t know how I would do in a trivia game.

Do you think you’d do well?

No, because I know it, but I’m not an encyclopedia like some fans.

And there’s so much to know!

Could you ace a game of Doctor Who trivia?

You know what? I wouldn’t want to say yes. I don’t think I could. Steven could. Steven knows it like finite. He knows everything about it. He’s a complete nerd.

Well, I know we need to wrap up. Great seeing you. Thanks again for the time, and enjoy your time in New York.

Yeah, thanks so much. It’s always a pleasure to see you, man. I hope I’ll see you in spring.

Companion Jenna-Louise Coleman talks 'Doctor Who'

Coleman in a promo still as Clara, courtesy BBC-A
(Originally published on CNN, Dec. 18, 2012)

Batman had Robin, Holmes had Watson, Han Solo had Chewbacca; iconic heroes have iconic sidekicks who keep their main man sane and humanized, while providing the audience with a proxy. But whereas the Lone Ranger only had one Tonto, "The Doctor" from 50-year-old British series Doctor Who goes through a lot of "Companions" - so much so that new arrivals are met with fan anticipation and anxiety.

Enter Jenna-Louise Coleman, the 26-year-old actress who officially steps into the role of sci-fi sidekick on the popular BBC America show's "Christmas Special." Known to American audiences from the April 2012 ABC miniseries Titanic, and for a brief role in 2010's Captain America: The First Avenger, she joins "Doctor Who" as Clara/Oswin, a companion to The Doctor, a mysterious, human-looking "Time Lord."

Played by Matt Smith, he journeys through "Time And Relative Dimension In Space" in his aptly-named ship, the TARDIS - which looks like a blue British police call box on the outside, and is as iconographic a vehicle as the U.S.S. Enterprise, Millennium Falcon or DeLorean. Launched in 1963, change and evolution is part of the show's DNA. When a lead actor steps down, The Doctor essentially dies and is regenerated into a new body, but as the same character with a new actor portraying him. Smith is the 11th to do so. However, over five decades, more than the 30 companions have been unique characters with their own back-story. The Doctor invites them on adventures across the "time vortex" to face monsters and save worlds. As they retire or die, fresh ones are needed to keep the him company.

Although she is only the latest of companions, Coleman's debut comes during a unique moment during Doctor Who. Gracing the covers of TV Guide and Entertainment Weekly as a fan favorite, garnering a cover mention in Rolling Stone as a best fall show, ranking as iTunes' most downloaded TV show in the U.S., packing the house at San Diego Comic-Con International, Coleman arrives as the global brand has become a bona fide hit in America - and immediately following the death of popular predecessors Amy Pond and Rory (played by Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill), Smith's first companions.

Coleman played a surprise role in last September's season premiere - as Oswin, a different character from Clara, but one connected to her - and takes on full companion duties in "The Snowmen" Christmas episode, airing Dec. 25 at 9 p.m. ET. A mysterious woman with a secret, Clara is a feisty, flirty foil to a grief-stricken, apathetic Doctor.

Smith said he is excited for fans to see the developing chemistry between him and Coleman, as well as the "real intrigue" behind the mystery of Clara's identity. And just as the nature of Doctor Who is change, Smith said fans will also embrace Coleman's Clara.

For her part, Jenna-Louise Coleman has already embraced her role as a companion. During a recent interview at BBC America's Manhattan offices, she offered insight about her character and her relationship with The Doctor, and weighed in on Clara's soufflé obsession, driving a spaceship, her Bond Girl moment and Christmas traditions. (After the jump...)

UPDATED: 'Doctor Who' season 7.5 spoiler: Who returns, who dies?

Courtesy BBC America
(original version published Oct. 19, 2012. Updated below with statement from Matt Smith)

While visiting Los Angeles, a very reliable source revealed a major spoiler from the upcoming second half of Doctor Who season seven - and it's one that will make Whovians geek out.

To discover, read ahead, but beware - 'thar be spoilers here...

'Fringe' recap: 'Anomaly XB-6783746'

Courtesy FOX

So, have you recovered from Walter's "Black Blotter" trip on last week's Fringe? I know; terrifying. All together now: Deep breath, hold, let it out. Okay. We are ready to move on.

As we get started, the team determines that Michael does not have the Observer tech in his head that proved so hazardous to Peter's mental stability. This is rapidly followed by Walter's disappointment that Michael doesn't want a Vine. Olivia looks on disapprovingly. The team continues to question Michael, who doesn't respond. He just watches them argue back and forth about putting him in a coma and talking directly to his brain. Fortunately, Walter is reminded that he is just a child. "He is MORE than a child... We are running out of time. We have a world to save!" Walter rants. As Walter stomps off, Olivia decides to ask Nina for help.

'Fringe' recap: 'Black Blotter'

Courtesy FOX

This week on Fringe, Astrid is woken up in the middle of the night by the radio from the pocket universe finally picking up a signal. She is startled by Walter, who not only remembers her name but thinks her hair is beautiful. Obviously, Walter is not quite himself.

Peter, who is disappointingly normal again after removing the Observer device from his head, also wakes up. They quickly determine that Walter dropped a little acid of the Black Blotter variety and is busily tripping away. He is immersed in visions of his former lab assistant, Carla Warren, who is busily berating him for the man he used to be and who he really still is. "You were him longer than you've been you" she repeatedly tells him. Walter tells Peter that Nina promised to remove the old pieces of his brain, but only after he remembers the plan to defeat the Observers. He thought the acid would help him access "the Walter that was" so he could remember what the plan was.

'Man of Steel' trailer takes flight

Courtesy Warner Bros.
The Man of Steel trailer has arrived, and I'm digging it.

The trailer shows us a lot: Young Clark, Kevin Costner and Diane Lane as Ma and Pa Kent, Henry Cavill as Supes in costume, Russell Crowe as Jore-El, a glimpse of Michael Shannon as Zod, Amy Adams as Lois. Even better, we get a few shots of super powers, such as Superman getting punched into a vault, and pushing into the ice to launch himself into flight.

This looks cool. The forlorn angelic choral piece in the background - and shots of distraught Kents, a tormented Clark - paint this to look pretty similar to Superman Returns. But it also does have a super-powered grittiness (Superman in handcuffs, Clark floating in the water among wreckage, talk of letting children die) that leads me to believe it really could exist in the same world as Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight flicks.

I don't there is enough here to really make a judgment yet, but as for the first big taste, I'm looking forward to this. I do think, after interviewing him, that Cavill definitely has the quiet gravitas to do a good Kal-El. And personally, I'm craving a kick-ass Superman movie. I really hope Zack Snyder pulls this off and that, this summer, we'll believe a man can fly (again).

Check it out and sound off!

-Aaron Sagers

'Falling Skies' Season Three updates

Courtesy TNT
Fans of TNT's alien-invasion hit Falling Skies are growing impatient. We learned in July that the series was renewed for a total of 10 episodes and will return in the summer of 2013 - but no official date has been released yet.

Still, that doesn't mean that the 2nd Mass isn't gearing up for the new season. In fact, there are bits of info here and there that give us clues about the ongoing war with the Skitters and their overlords. We know production began Aug. 22 and it looks like the first episode is titled "On Thin Ice." Also, Sarah Carter, who plays Maggie, tweeted on Dec. 6, "I hate endings, but this finale feels more like a whole new beginning"

Web of 'Spider-Man' sequel casting grows

Looks like the cast for the Amazing Spider-Man sequel is only growing, and now includes a resurrected dead character.

A few days back director Mark Webb tweeted news that Dane DeHaan (the villain from the really cool found-footage super-hero movie Chronicle) will be playing Harry Osborn against Andrew Garfield’s Pete/Spidey. Will he become the super-villain Green Goblin, Hobgoblin, Demi-Goblin, "New" Goblin? Any Goblin at all? And if Harry will be around, is it a safe bet that megalomaniac daddy Norman Osborn will also appear?

'Face Off' returns for Season Four this January

Season Three contestants at the Live show, Courtesy Syfy
It seems like just yesterday when Nicole the comeback kid was voted the latest winner of Syfy’s "most popular unscripted series" Face Off at the end of October. But now, the wait is nearly over for Season Four to begin because the highly competitive will be back Tuesday, Jan. 15 at 9 p.m. ET.

Hostess McKenzie Westmore will be returning, as will last season’s judges: Ve Neill, Neville Page and Glenn Hetrick. Something new this season is the addition of McKenzie’s dad and world-renowned make-up artist Michael Westmore (Mask, Star Trek). Westmore will serve as the official contestant mentor.

Fourteen highly talented contestants will be competing for $100 thousand, a 2013 Fiat 500 and an opportunity to be a guest lecturer at the Make Up Forever Academies in New York and Paris. Some of their challenges will include creating an original comic book superhero; a fantasy goblin; zombie hordes; and a Jack the Giant Slayer-inspired two-headed giant.

According to a recent release from Syfy:

The guest judges on tap for season four bring their perspective and expertise to the challenges and judging panel, with such top industry names as Bryan Singer, Gale Anne Hurd, John Landau, Michael Nankin and John Rhys-Davies.

What are you most excited about seeing in Season Four. Any particular challenges that you’d like to see? The talent is staggering and just seems to get better and better with each season.

-Larissa Mrykalo

Spike's Video Game Awards lauds paranormal games

Last Friday's SpikeTV Video Game Awards proved paranormal is king in the virtual world as well. In fact, "Game of the Year" was Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: The Game, which also picked up awards for "Best Adapted Video Game" and "Best Downloadable Game." Other notable awards went to Arkane Studio’s, Dishonored for "Best Action Adventure Game" and Halo 4 for "Best Xbox 360 Game."

That’s great, but what’s in store for 2013 when it comes to video games that fit into the paranormal realm? Several trailers debuted at the awards show, including one for Dark Souls II, a highly anticipated game that looks like Game of Thrones on steroids. There is no release date but the game will be available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC platforms.

Another anticipated game is The Last of Us which takes place in a plague-ridden Earth where a man and his 14-year-old companion fight for against infected, zombie-like creatures and hostile bands of humans. It will be released for PlayStation 3 on May 7 2013.

You can check out all the newest trailers that were featured at the VGAs, compliments of EW.com.

-Larissa Mrykalo

'Walking Dead' honcho to produce WWII alien drama at USA

Eight years after tackling aliens in the sci-fi show The 4400, the USA Network is gunning for E.T.s with a new show by Walking Dead executive producer Gale Anne Hurd.

Deadline.com reports that Horizon is set in World War II and "centers on a secretary at the FBI who discovers that her husband might have been killed in a battle with a spaceship in the South Pacific ... Obsessed with learning the truth, she becomes the only person standing between Earth and an alien invasion."

Horizon is being called a "cast-contingent pilot" and no air date has been released yet. We’ll keep you up-to-date on any news related to this new series that sounds a little like it could be an X-Files prequel. Maybe?

-Larissa Mrykalo

ABC, CBS plan paranormal summer 2013

ABC isn’t giving up on paranormal shows, despite the recent cancellation of the Faustian drama 666 Park Avenue. In fact, the net has ordered a new series for the Summer 2013 slate called Weird Desk.

The show is already being compared to The X-Files and is written by Stargate’s Carl Binder and The Librarian’s David Titcher.

According to Deadline.com, the show revolves around a "clandestine organization" that investigates "alleged real-life mysteries from this world and beyond."

The Weird Desk works "above the levels of top secret and above the office of the President" and is "the destination for mysterious intelligence rerouted from the CIA and NSA ... tasked with investigating and solving occurrences of the paranormal, supernatural and sometimes extra-terrestrial." The lead characters are "Morgan," a socially-awkward genius and his special forces partner "Rosetta."

Not to be outdone, summer has CBS premiering the Steven Spielberg-produced drama, Under the Dome, based on the Stephen King novel. According to HuffingtonPost the series "will follow a New England town that finds itself suddenly - and without explanation - sealed off from the rest of the world by a transparent dome; The town's residents wind up living in post-apocalyptic conditions while they search for answers about the dome.”

With TNT bringing back fan-favorite Falling Skies, this summer is shaping up to be extra mysterious and paranormally fantastic!

-Larissa Mrykalo

'X-Files' movie, reboot on way?

From left: Spotnitz, Duchovny, Anderson, Carter
If you’re an X-Phile, you’ve been seriously missing what was one of the greatest science fiction shows of the '90s. The show had something for everyone and provided the fodder for successful shows (read: Fringe) that came on the heels of its final episode on May 19, 2002.

Recently, former X-Files writer, Frank Spotnitz sat down for an interview about his BBC spy-drama, Hunted with DenofGeek.com. During the interview, the possibility of us again seeing David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson in their iconic roles came up.

When asked if he foresees the show ever pulling a Star Trek and returning to the small screen, Spotnitz said, "I wouldn’t be surprised at all."

"I don’t think I would have anything to do with it but you know, for better or for worse, these things are titles of big corporations, like Star Trek belongs to Paramount and The X-Files belongs to Twentieth Century Fox and it’s a huge asset in their libraries so I can’t imagine they would let it sit languishing forever."

This "news" does come only a few months after Duchovny and Anderson publicly voiced their willingness to return, on separate occasions.

As for the potential for a third movie, Spotnitz said he and creator Chris Carter have talked for years about what would be the "climax of the alien colonisation story that began the series." But as far as a script or any move forward? Well, the truth may be out there, but any solid plans are not.

Although we want to believe we'll be seeing more Mulder/Scully action one day, nothing seems likely any time soon.

-Larissa Mrykalo

'Fringe' recap: 'The Human Kind'

Courtesy FOX

Fringe is back after a short break! So, last episode, Olivia found out that Peter had implanted himself with an Observer device. Since this is making him act like an Observer, it is somewhat worrisome. We open this episode with Olivia sitting in a car in a dark alley waiting for Anil. While she waits she watches some workers scraping the posters of Etta off the building in front of her. Anil has brought her another Observer device so Walter can look at it to see what Peter has done to himself. When she looks back at the building, Etta's face is gone, replaced by that of an Observer.

'Haven' recap: 'Last Goodbyes'

Courtesy Syfy

We're one week out from the season finale of Haven and Audrey's possible departure, and now one of the group will be revealed to be the Bolt Gun Killer! Even with all that, the troubles never cease in Haven. At least, this week's trouble comes with a cool guest star.

The Trouble

Audrey's heading for the office, when the car in front of her decides it doesn't feel like driving when the light is green. She gets out to check on the driver, and finds him slumped over the steering wheel, out cold. When she calls 911, no one answers. She looks around and notices bodies all over the ground. The town of Haven has instituted nap time.

Grant Wilson on playing lead with Rather Dashing Games, leaving 'Ghost Hunters'

After eight years and more than 150 episodes, Grant Wilson stepped down from his role as co-lead investigator on Syfy's paranormal reality-TV show Ghost Hunters last May. However, don't play taps from Wilson's career. Instead, Wilson is playing by a new set of rules - literally. As vice-president and artist of Rather Dashing Games, he has embarked on an endeavor to create games for the masses.

In an inaugural edition of a little podcast we're calling "Geek Season" - a semi-frequent show where I'll be talking to fellow geeks in a conversational setting - Wilson joined me to chat about Rather Dashing, as well as offering more insight behind his choice to leave Ghost Hunters after getting burnt out and tired.

Check it out on the embedded player above, and let us know who else we should be chatting with on future installments of "Geek Season."

-Aaron Sagers

Listen to internet radio with Geek Season on Blog Talk Radio

Behind the scenes 'Hobbit' footage!

Fans are clamoring to get as much info and glimpses into the the highly-anticipated Peter Jackson film, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, opening Dec. 14.

But, as luck would have it, Warner Bros doesn't want you to have to wait a whole week before getting a taste of the Shire, and have released 20 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage and six clips.

According to Collider.com, "the footage is loaded with some awesome stuff including Peter Jackson directing Andy Serkis as Gollum with Martin Freeman, all the dwarves with Bilbo in Bag End, Elijah Wood and Ian Holm in Bag End, Jackson directing Ian McKellen as Gandalf as well as Jackson directing Christopher Lee!"

This is some really cool stuff for LOTR fans.

If you want to avoid spoilers, don’t watch! (you’re going to watch, aren’t you?)

What are you most excited about seeing in the film? Can Dec. 14 get here fast enough?

-Larissa Mrykalo

The Governor on The Doctor: David Morrissey talks Matt Smith

Morrissey as 'The Next Doctor,' courtesy BBC
I've just come from a screening of the new Doctor Who Christmas Special (review to come), and while I can't reveal anything about it just yet, I did want to give a small holiday gift to Whovians today. 

My favorite of the Who Christmas Specials is "The Next Doctor," which starred David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor, and guest-starred David Morrissey who may or may not be a future incarnation of The Doctor. Without spoiling the episode for the uninitiated, Morrissey isn't currently the Doctor, but he is The Governor on The Walking Dead.

In a recent interview, I was able to sneak in a question about when he knew Doctor Who was a phenomenon in America, and - as something of an unofficial Doctor - how he thinks Matt Smith is doing as the lead alien (after the jump ...)

Latest 'Ghostbusters 3' news: Murray in? Aykroyd guarantees hit, parts 3,4?

Aykroyd, courtesy Sony Pictures
Interesting news day on the continuing Ghostbusters 3 saga but the end questions remain the same:

Will Bill Murray do it or won't he, and is this movie actually happening?

First up is an interview with Dan Aykroyd in Esquire. In addition to touching on his personal connection to the paranormal, Aykroyd confirms that he is still on the GB3 wagon and remains the big "cheerleader" of the project.

While the script isn't finalized, Aykroyd says, "I've worked on every draft in the last three years, as Ivan [Reitman] has, and now we have a story and a draft that everybody seems to agree would make the third movie. At this point, I think we're closer than we ever have been."

Chad L. Coleman on joining 'Walking Dead' as fan fave Tyreese

Coleman as Tyreese, courtesy AMC

Sunday's mid-season finale of AMC's uber-hit The Walking Dead gave readers of the comic book series a long-awaited treat when it introduced Tyreese, a fan favorite and all-around bad ass character, now played by actor Chad L. Coleman.

An Atlanta Falcons football player in the pre-apocalyptic world, - which, no doubt, gives him a physical advantage when it comes to fighting off the walkers - he’s a central character in the books and becomes Rick’s right-hand-man after the death of Shane. While there was no mention of this plot point when Tyreese and his crew make their way to the survivor's prison, he did rock his signature hammer for some effective melee action.

So how else is TV Tyreese going to be similar to his comic book counterpart?

Coleman, courtesy AMC
Coleman joined us to answer just such questions. Previously seen as the reformed criminal "Cutty" on The Wire, Coleman is a Virginia-born actor who says he strongly identifies with Tyreese’s strong convictions and value for human life and that the character is "fighting for a new world."

If you want to learn more about Coleman's take on Tyreese, who will appear in five of the final eight episodes of season three, go beyond the jump - but beware, there are minor TWD comic book spoilers ahead...

Hungry for restored 'Zombie Flesh Eaters' on DVD, Blu-ray?

Zombie Flesh Eaters, aka Lucio Fulci’s controversial movie Zombie (aka the "zombie vs. shark movie") has received the Blu-Ray/DVD treatment, and is out now.

Like Scream Factory, Arrow is one of those companies that puts tender love and care into their releases and even include original artist posters!

Restored from the original camera negative, ZFE's new version will include a ton of special features, additional collector’s material, and never-before-seen extras including optional English/Italian opening titles, a UK exclusive introduction to the film from lead actor Ian McCulloch, and a number of brand-new featurettes.

For more on the plot and a peek at the restored trailer, go beyond the jump...

Unwrap 'Silent Night' remake today on DVD, Blu-ray

Courtesy Anchor Bay Films
Ready just in time for the holidays, Steven C. Miller’s loose remake of the 1984 slasher is now out on DVD, Blu-ray.

While the original film was about a tormented young boy whose parents are killed by a maniac dressed as Santa, who then grows up and assumes the role of murdery ol' St. Nick, the Silent Night remake shifts focus to a local Sherriff’s department as they track down a crazed killer dressed as Santa.

The movie stars Malcolm McDowell, Jaime King, Lisa Marie, Donal Logue and Brendan Fehr.

Check out the film synopsis and trailer after the jump:

Japanese cut of 'Toxic Avenger' due Dec. 11

Every fan of The Toxic Avenger has heard tales about the famous Japanese Cut - it's more vulgar and violent and filled with, you know, the good stuff.

Well if you've been patiently awaiting the day when we here in the States would get the same treatment, wait no more! Come Dec. 11, Troma fans will be treated to the official Japanese Cut of The Toxic Avenger! According to Dread Central, the release won't come on Blu-ray, and is thin on extras. But still, this is a nice Christmas miracle for horror fans.

-Andrew Peters

Uwe Boll presents 'Eaters' this March

So Uwe Boll has a new movie - wait, don’t run away! Uwe Boll is only presenting the film Eaters; he didn’t direct it. You think with Mr. Boll’s attachment to the project, critics would be ripping this apart, but surprisingly this Italian made Romero-era zombie homage is receiving a lot of positive criticism. You had me at "Italian made." Keep an eye out
for this gem in March!

After being devastated by a deadly epidemic, the world is now governed by hordes of living dead. Locked in a fortress that has been turned into a research center and shelter, three men - zombie hunters Igor and Alen and a scientist named Gyno - are trying to find an answer to what has happened to the human race.
via Dread Central

-Andrew Peters

'The Walking Dead' recap: 'Made to Suffer'

The Governor holds re-dead Penny. Courtesy AMC

New people! It’s a group headed up by a guy named Tyreese, his sister, and three other people. One of the new girls, Donna, gets bitten by a walker, but they forage on with her in tow (against my advisement; they never listen to me!).


I am not really sure what is going on with her, but she seems blinded by The Governor. Even after she discovers the aquarium full of zombie heads and Penny (more on that in a bit), she still seems to be sticking around.

The Governor never really lets her be her badass self and usually assigns her menial tasks which are more suitable for a little lady. Nevertheless, she continues to stick around.

'Being Human,' 'Lost Girl,' & 'Warehouse 13' stars answer fan Qs

Getting excited about the return of Syfy's supernatural shows Being Human and Lost Girl, and adventure series Warehouse 13? Us too, and although we have a little more waiting to do, we do have a treat in the meantime. Stars Sam WitwerKsenia Solo and Saul Rubinek answers fan questions about the shows in the three vids below (after the jump...)

Game of Thrones Season 3 teaser: Winter is here?

If you watched the season finale of the HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, you caught a sneak peek of another HBO powerhouse. Season 3 of Game of Thrones won’t be in your living rooms until March 31, but you can see the full teaser that premiered last night, right here.

It features interviews, hints at the new season, and glimpses of some of the amazing new locations to which our old favorites, and some new, will be venturing.

-Larissa Mrykalo

'666 Park Avenue': 'Hypnos'

Courtesy ABC

Well folks, this was the ninth and last episode of 666 Park Ave for 2012. Four more episodes remain of the cancelled series and we hope they provide us with all the answers that we crave. Tonight’s episode started to clear up some mysteries, featured an Oscar-winner who excels at channeling the spiritual plane, and we even caught a glimpse of Olivia and Gavin’s thought-to-be-dead daughter, Sasha.

Whoopi! It’s 1927!

Maris Elder (Whoopi Goldberg) is another mysterious resident of the Drake. At the end of last week’s episode, Nona took Jane to her symbol-laden door to meet her because she may hold the power to help Jane remember what she was doing during her dissociative episode.

'Walking Dead' leftovers: Lingering questions with the cast


With tonight's midseason finale of The Walking Dead, fans are expecting showdowns between The Governor and Rick, Merle and Daryl, Michonne and Andrea, etc. Both the living and dead will likely be mutilated and beaten up pretty bad, and at the end of the hour, more questions will be left over.

In that spirit, we wanted to present Walking Dead leftovers; that is, bits and pieces from interviews with cast members - Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Michael Rooker, Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohan and creator Robert Kirkman - that we've just not gotten around to using yet. They cover a wide range of topics, but thought you might need an appetizer before tonight...

'Haven' recap: 'Burned'

Duke does planking - the other kind of planking.
Courtesy Syfy

This week, the Trouble, the Guard, and the Bolt Gun all sort of collided. We're quickly approaching the season finale, and Haven is pulling out all the stops!